Mormon prophecy of Constituionalist leader?!?

Could somebody nail down the Mormon prophecy of an American leader/president who would be the savior of the Constitution? I’ve heard this from alleged Mormons on talk radio defending Mitt Romney. Thanks so much.

As under Obozo and his minions the Constitution and ALL of our freedoms are at risk, I just pray that ANYONE will defeat him and save our country!!!:cool:

Reminds me of the revelation made by J Smith in August of 1836:

“Concern not yourselves about your debts, for I will give you power to pay them.” (D&C 111.5)

After a warrant was issued for his arrest on a charge of banking fraud, Smith fled for Missouri on the night of January 12, 1838. :rolleyes:

I don’t see much prophecy there. It’s some kind of rhetorical flourish – you could have claimed the constitution “hung by a thread” a hundred or more times in the history of the US since 1840. The civil war, the progressive era, the great depression, the 1960’s and Vietnam, and today. It’s just up to whoever is speaking at the time to claim that this is the time of prophecy, and it will be. It will be claimed fulfilled by Mormons if Romney wins, but it’s one of those non-christian prophecies that you can drive a semi-truck through. At least nostradamus gave a rough timeline – he was mostly wrong, but he gave a rough timeline. This isn’t even that good of a fraud.

Mormons have a long history of false prophecy.

Follow this link and scroll down to where it says “And it didn’t come to pass”


It doesn’t say anything about an “American leader” or “president”, nor does it say “savior of the Constitution”.

It does talk of the Constitution “hanging by a thread”, and of a role that Latter-day Saints would play in helping defend the United States constitution.

That could be viewed as having been fulfilled at the time the equal rights amendment didn’t pass.

It could also be viewed as being fulfilled when people who value the separation of powers in government join together to not let judicial activism change the role of the judiciary branch of the state and federal governments. Those are the kind of “threads” that I personally see being needful of being protected about the United States constitution.

That’s where I went with this… Mormonism is very much a product of the times leading up to the Civil War.

If the constitution is literally hanging by a thread why not just use a thumbtack? Problem solved.

The socialist political machine is too powerful for a thumbtack to work.:frowning:

The “White Horse Prophecy” is an old Mormon story that some Mormns believe, and others don’t. The ones who do believe it drag it out into the spotlight any time a Mormon is running, or is serving in, a US national office. Senator Orin Hatch was the favored fulfillment, among Mormons, for a long time.

Glenn Beck, a convert to Mormonism, has made statements that Pres. Obama has caused the constitution to be hanging by a thread. But, his comments are very heavily layered with Freeman Institute material. He channels Cleon Skousen very often, and he was definitely a believer of the white horse prophecy.

“The White Horse Prophecy” is very speculative with very little documentation and never referred to by church leaders. However the statements that “the constitution will hang by a thread” are attributed to Joseph Smith. It was never recorded but it was paraphrased with slight variations from several church leaders who were present. I believe Parker D’s comments are accurate on this.

Then use staples, or glue. Mount it or something. It can’t be that hard to hang a document on a wall.

Not much of a prophesy. People have been saying that since the Constitution was formed.

Just more of Smith’s lashing out at people or groups who disagreed with him.

So, do you think this runs along the lines of the ‘Mormon Bigfoot/Cain’ belief or the ‘Mormon Dream Mine’ belief?

Those you listed are rejected by most. The white horse prophecy it is more acceptable in the mainstream of Mormonism.

It is more along the lines of Joseph saying there would be a civil war that would start in South Carolina after the press had been writing that for months before Joseph…yet Mormons call it a prophesy

The Prophecy on War was given through Joseph Smith in 1832 and is recorded as Section 87 of the Doctrine and Covenants. That is almost twenty nine years before the rebellion of South Carolina which was the beginning of the Civil War.

Yep. And there were people who were expecting it even then. Read the news from back then

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