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Are all of the humans on earth - past, present and future - the children of God the Father and His celestial wife or wives? (Obviously, we all have human parents on a physical level.) If so, please explain (beyond “we are all children of God,” if possible).

Are the spirits of all these people the result of some procreative activity on the part of God the Father and his celestial spouse(s)? If so, please explain.

Were (or are) the spirits of all these people waiting in heaven for a physical body to animate here on earth? If so, do Mormons today have large families in order to accommodate the Father’s need for “bodies” here on earth? (I don’t mean that disrespectfully - just not sure how else to say it.)

Thank you for your responses.

Bumping this up because I am interested as well.

Here goes, since no one else has responded. I give you permission to slap my hand because I am not going to provide much in the way of citations of Mormon scripture or quotations of the Mormon prophets. I’m too tired and lazy tonight to research it out. I would rather spend my time studying a Catholicism! I also spent a lot of time this evening working on letters with my four year old, so you get what I was taught and my thinking when I was LDS.

  1. Heavenly Father is the father of the spirits of all humans on earth. Heavenly Mother is not really talked about, but the Mormon church generally accepts that logic dictates that there is also a Heavenly Mother. I have never heard a Mormon admit that there could be numerous Heavenly Mothers, but with the doctrine of polygamy, this is likely to be the case. HF is also the spirit father of Lucifer and the third of the hosts of heaven who rebelled and were cast out of heaven. (So it is accurate to say that Jesus and Lucifer/Satan are spirit brothers, but then again, so are we). Also, I want to add that in fathering our spirits HF did not create them out of nothing. Our spirits were ‘intelligences’ before receiving spirit bodies. I was never taught anything regarding intelligences other than the fact that is what we were until we got our spirit bodies. I was of the opinion that intelligences were essentially light. Honestly, I don’t know where I got that idea as a Mormon or if there is any basis for that idea in the Mormon scriptures or teachings of the prophets.

  2. I was never taught exactly how our spirit bodies came into existence from being intelligences. Mormons are taught that in the celestial kingdom, exalted married couples will have eternal increase, i.e., spirit children. I don’t know if there are specific teachings regarding how spirit children are created from intelligences, but many Mormons assume that there is some sort of celestial sex involved. Otherwise, why would a man need numerous wives in the celestial kingdom? I always assumed that sex was involved.

  3. Yes, Mormons believe that all the spirits are waiting in heaven for a physical body to be created on earth for them. I have known many Mormons who have many children because they want as many spirits as possible to come to a ‘good Mormon home that knows the truth about God’s plan of salvation.’

I do want to add that there is not hard and fast doctrine on some of these things. Mormons have a tendency to speculate on the ‘mysteries of the kingdom’. I’ve done it plenty myself, but I will also note that a lot of the speculation is based on the Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and teachings of the prophets and apostles of the Mormon church, especially the older ones. So there is some basis for some of the crazy stuff.

I was taught the same things, though the reason why we don’t talk about our “heavenly mother” is that she is too sacred & that God wants to protect her from us taking her name in vain…

Yes, I was taught the same thing about Heavenly Mother - that she is too sacred to talk about, etc. Looking from the outside though, what kind of father would separate his children from their mother? I honestly wouldn’t want a father like that. Jesus certainly didn’t hide His mother from us even though I am sure He weeps when people defame the Blessed Virgin Mary and teach false things about her. It is a wonderful gift to have access to her and to learn from her.

Also, polygamy makes the nice idea of Heavenly Mother problematic because there potentially could be thousands of heavenly mothers and one heavenly father. I can’t imagine the suits in Salt Lake want women to start thinking about these logical conclusions of LDS theology. Polygamy was one of those things that Mormon women just don’t want to think or talk about. It is too painful, especially these days when women are free to pretty much do as they please in this country (for better or worse). If LDS apostles started talking about heavenly mother, polygamy would have to be addressed and members would have a much harder time just keeping polygamy in the back corner of their mental shelves.

Since this thread is about Mormon questions, here is one that really stumps me.

How is it possible for a morman man to commit bigomy violating civil law and yet not be brought to justice in our civil courts?

Hello Randy,

It should be noted that all of these questions pertain to only some of the sects (mainly LDS) of Mormonism.  There are other sects that don't share these views.

Thank you, everyone.

Now, my follow up question is really simple. It was first posed by another poster on another thread, but her name escapes me at the moment.

Was Heavenly Father committing incest when He had sex with Mary in order to father Jesus?

I concede that Mary had biological parents on earth, but Heavenly Father produced her “intelligence” in heaven, so…:shrug:

Not so. The Mormons believe that our intelligences are co-eternal with God. In other words, the essence of our being is uncreated, just like God. It is God who gives a mortal body to these co-eternal intelligences. So it is even more bizarre than you thought. :eek:

Correct. Intelligences are uncreated and co-eternal with God/Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother get busy and make spirit children with the intelligences. Earthly father and mother create the physical body and the spirit children are clothed in the physical bodies. They spirit and physical body together is called a soul.

Now to Randy Carson’s question regarding whether HF commited incest with Mary. On a physical body level, no it was not incest. On a spirit body level, yes. However, I will also add that according to LDS theology, all our spirits are committing incest because we are all spirit brothers and sisters. Although, with polygamy, some of us may be just spirit half-brothers and half-sisters.

To be clear, the general belief is that the core “intelligence” is co-eternal with God, and God and Heavenly Mother begot spirit children that have these core intelligences. These begotten spirit children are then born in the world to earthly parents.

This thread has me :hypno:

Yes it would, just as it would contradict the teachings of your prophets.

Actually, it doesn’t. Mormon doctrine does not hold that a virgin is a woman who has never had intercourse. Even a wife may be considered a virgin as Mormonism defines it.

Thus, Mary had sex with the Heavenly Father, begat Jesus, and remained a virgin as Mormons have redefined the term.

Add that thought along with their concept of God being an exalted man whom himself has a god & so on, it gets really messy… :confused::whacky:

What I will never understand is how educated people who have backgrounds in Christian denominations believe this stuff, those who convert to LDS. Men can become a god; women can be virgins after sexual intercourse?

A co-worker of mine once told me he joined the morman church because he lives in a community with an overwhelming morman population and belonging to the church made life easier for his kids in school & other activities. I asked him how he could believe the basic concepts of the mormans when it is so clearly in opposition to Christian teachings. His only answer was he is only in it for the community benefit for his family. And of course the standard but erroneous answer that mormans are Christians.

This is also why LDS family services provides adoption services. To get babies from non-LDS parents into as many LDS families as they can. The belief being that this was the plan God had for the child and adoptive parents all along, based on what the unborn spirit of the baby agreed to in a pre-existence.

All kinds of bizarre going on in Mormon thought regarding children and who is the better parent. Like this:

“When a man and woman conceive a child outside of marriage, every effort should be made to encourage them to marry. When the probability of a successful marriage is unlikely due to age or other circumstances, the unmarried parents should be counseled to work with LDS Family Services to place the child for adoption, providing an opportunity for the baby to be sealed to temple-worthy parents. Adoption is an unselfish, loving decision that blesses both the birth parents and the child in this life and in eternity.”


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