Mormon Theology in Catholic Church History?

A few days ago, I was at a bookclub with my friend who happen to be Mormon. I am the only Catholic. They were asking about my church and beliefs and I was very open and honest about our teachings. However, the one person stated that the Catholic Church has tons of Mormon Doctrine that they refuse to release. I immediately thought this was untrue, but had no response for her. I didn’t know what to say and had never heard of such thing.

Has anyone else heard of this from a Mormon? And is it true? (I am assuming not)

Thank you!

Utter and complete nonsense. The catechism is online and available in book form. Nothing is hidden. In truth, Mormonism can be said to have some similarities to Swedenborgianism. From the Wiki:

Researcher D. Michael Quinn suggests that Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism, was influenced by the writings of Swedenborg.[141] Like Swedenborg, Mormons believe in eternal marriage, but require that the ritual be performed in a Mormon temple (see Celestial Marriage). Also Joseph Smith’s idea of three heavens is similar to Swedenborg’s view that there are three heavens (see Heaven and Hell (Swedenborg)). Both Swedenborg and Joseph Smith refer to the highest heaven as “celestial”, in concert with the usage of the apostle Paul (see 2 Corinthians 12:2) when he described a visit to the “third heaven”. Other historians, including William J. Hamblin, seriously doubt whether Joseph Smith, living in rural upstate New York, could have had access to Swedenborg’s book and so find Quinn’s assertions problematic.[142] However, Edward Hunter, a Swedenborgian who later became a Mormon, reported that in 1839 Joseph Smith told him he was familiar with the writings of Swedenborg.”

Might ask them about that at your next meeting.

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I have heard this a handful of times in LDS circles.
In 1952-1954 the author of the LDS Priesthood manuals (a 1 hour class taken every Sunday that uses these manuals 24 weeks out of the year) was a gifted linguist and historian. He read Latin, German, French and Spanish. He poured over texts from the 18th and 19th century and presented what I believe to be a compelling case for the apostasy. Similarly other LDS who could read Latin and Greek offered “nuggets” to interested LDS.
The writings of the Early Church Fathers were not “hidden” to LDS, but English translations only began to be available in the mid to late 19th century. LDS who could read Latin and/or Greek shared ideas such as deification with less educated LDS and from this I believe the “hidden library at the Vatican” that PROVES the CoJCoLDS is a restoration, came to be a meme.
I do not believe the modern Catholic Church keeps large caches of documents hidden from scholars and researchers. I do believe it is common for semi-informed Catholics to respond to CCC460 the way my mother (Catholic High School and College – including her Master’s degree … in language but still…) did, “We do not believe that!!!” LDS faced with the knowledge that the language of CCC460 is aggressively denied in educated Catholic circles (as late as the 1990’s and probably today) AND the knowledge that documents unavailable to them (as late as 1850’s and much longer for all but those who could not read foreign languages and/or afford the rare earliest translations into English) believed that the vindication of LDS theology lay hidden in Vatican archives.
Today, I both disagree and sympathize with this view, but it is still occasionally proffered.
Charity, TOm

Hi Mlisowec,. Maybe they are probing into the similarities of our faith?

I’ve also gotten to know Mormon belief some and we discussed beliefs as well. Now about us hiding Mormon belief maybe it is the similarities that they see that make them come to that conclusion? It could be that many of our Catholic beliefs are hidden in the Mormon doctrine because the Catholic religion is the root of Christian religions to follow.

Truly I could see a lot of similarities And also vast differences between our religions. I wouldn’t go into them in detail but I noticed the similarities and where the differences are between our beliefs. I respect that they place a great importance on family like we do and they do believe in an afterlife and stress the importance of keeping commandments as we do as a way to perfection or becoming Christ-like. All positive things. They do not believe in the trinity but they do believe that Jesus is Savior. As I understand they believe that the prophets told them that the first Apostles were Mormon which leads them to that conclusion. Perhaps it would be a good thing if we can put our differences and the last part aside and focus on what we do agree on.

That’s my feeling on it at least. Have a good day! Karen

A great deal of historical Mormon practices and beliefs are cloaked in secret writings, prophetic utterances, hidden text, divining objects, etc. I wouldnt put much stock in any fingers pointing at the Catholic Church from that quarter, the entire premise of Catholicism is REVEALED truth.

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[quote=TOmNossor]LDS faced with the knowledge that the language of CCC460 is aggressively denied in educated Catholic circles (as late as the 1990’s and probably today)

The language can be easily misapprehended, by LDS as well. That is when the ensuing aggression in educated Catholic circles might appear.

It’s nonsense. My response to stuff like that is to ask for evidence of it.

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