Mormon Total Apostasy and Church as Kingdom

So I’m finishing up Scott Hahn’s “Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith”. Towards the end of the book, Hahn focuses on the essentials of salvation history, going from the creation and the fall, through the Old Testament, and finally Jesus Christ and the New Testament. In particular, he focuses on the relationship between the Davidic Kingdom in the Old Testament, and the Kingdom of God established by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, specifically, Christ’s Kingdom being equivalent, or a fulfillment, of the Davidic Kingdom, with all of the blessings and promises given to it. From the Amazon page:
“At the heart of the book is Hahn’s examination of the ten “keys to the kingdom”—the characteristics of the Church clearly evident in the Scriptures. As the story of creation discloses, the world is a house that has a Father, a palace where the king is really present. God created the cosmos to be a kingdom, and that kingdom is the universal Church, fully revealed by Jesus Christ.”*

As I read Hahn’s “ten keys to the kingdom”, I was struck again by how unbiblical a belief in a total apostasy of Christ’s Church is, especially when we understand that the Church is the Kingdom of God. Absolutely nowhere does scripture support a belief in Christ’s Kingdom, whether on earth or elsewhere, being taken away/failing/ending/etc. One of Hahn’s “keys” is:

7. The kingdom of David was to be everlasting. The angel Gabriel promises Mary that Jesus ‘will reign over the house of Jacob forever and of His kingdom there will be no end’ (Lk 1:33)"

In addition, I enjoyed Hahn’s emphasis that the Kingdom is not ours, nor the Apostles’, nor the Popes’, but is Christ’s Kingdom. Christ shares His authority with others, however it is still His Kingdom (I think it important to understand that the Kingdom is God’s, unlike other kingdoms, especially when considering the idea of a total apostasy).

I agree. I could never understand how anyone could accept a total apostasy. Or, even more, how anyone would want to follow and believe in a God who could not keep His own Church going.

Further, Jesus sent out, on purpose, his apostles, KNOWING they would all die horrible deaths (except John). What kind of God, or man, would send his best friends and most loyal followers out to die horrible deaths for a Church that would die away very shortly? What a waste of life…

I simply cannot conceive of a God who would do that.

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