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I am in the process of converting Catholicisim after being a mormon for over 20 years. I am currently a Bishop in the Mormon church and have attended the Mormon temple for many of those years.

You may or may not know that adult Mormons after they visit the temple for the first time and take out their “endowments”, must wear special underwear. (No sniggers please). For men these look just like a white tee-shirt and long boxer shorts, both in white.

Thetee-shirt has three markings stitched into the fabric: over the chest on the left a small (1 cm perhaps) an “L” shape, on the right chest a “V” shape, over the navel a “-” and over the right knee a “-”. These represent the “marks of the priesthood”, but of course they have great similarity to Masonic signs.

They represent things such as “every knee shall bow”, “health in the navel”, “exactitude in keeping the commandments”.

Now, my wife will go crazy if I stop wearing these things. She is a true blue died in the wool normon. She understands my moving away from the LDS church.

So to avoid some considerably unrest, I still wear this underwear. But am I right in doing so ? Is it cowardice on my part (probably yes). But am I being untrue to Christ and am I habging on to something that is probably more than just a cultural thing with mormonism, but more a doctrinal clinging to a heretical theology. Indeed, if Mormon temple ceremonies are intrinsically evil, which some say that they are, am I still holding hands as it were with someone who is not the trinitarian God that we believe in.

Any help will be most appreciated.



Be a living example of your Faith to your wife and stop wearing the garments. If she is uncomfortable with you not wearing them, perhaps to bed, then start wearing pajamas or something similar. But to continue to wear the Mormon garments sends the message that it’s still ok to hang onto a false religion and only continues to lead your wife to stay in the LDS.

Welcome home, brother! Christ’s Bride is happy to see you!

Stay strong - your decision to convert, I’m sure, was not an easy one, and will surely cause you additional struggles with family and friends in the future. No one ever said it was easy to follow Christ - giving up the garments will be part of that.

May God bless you in your Faith.




Did I read somewhere that the proper disposal of mormon garments was to burn them? I’d stop wearing them, telling your wife that you’ll burn them in her presence if she feels that strongly about it (if burning them is indeed the “proper” thing to do in mormon culture). Then go get yourself a lovely small crucifix and wear that on a chain around your neck. :slight_smile:

And let’s pray that your wife soon follows suit! Nice to meet you, my Brother. :heart:



I’d lose the underwear, disposing of it as twosweetgirls explained as a sign of respect for your wife; then buy something similar without the markings.

Yes, your wife might go crazy if you stop wearing these things, because it means that you mean business about becoming a Catholic.



Do be prepared for a firestorm in your house though because I can guarantee some of what she will see is that you are rejecting her as well - not true but emotions can certainly get in the way of facts so just be prepared and show your wife you love her in other ways.

Brenda V.



Without knowing you or your wife, it is difficult to say. There are deeper issues to explore here, such as why have you decided to embrace Catholicism while your wife is strongly attached to Mormonism. Why has your faith journey together taken you to such different places?

It is not for us, who are virtually strangers, to tell you how to handle this. I can state easily that if my wife decided to burn a rosary or other sacramental in my presence in order to make a statement, serious issues would arise in my marriage. I think it shows a real lack of respect to do something like that.

I recommend talking to a trusted priest about this matter privately, someone who dive deeper into this issue and the road that took you here. After all, marriage is sacred and you want to handle this with the sensitivity.

That’s my two cents.


This is difficult to say as we are just a bunch of people on the internet who truly don’t know the particulars of your relationship.
So I wont give you advice about the clothing.

I can much better answer questions regarding the faith as opposed to how to behaving toward your wife who might not be at the same place in conversion to the Catholic faith.

What I can say as a person who went through a slightly similar situation is you need to find ways to communicate with your wife what you have learned of the Catholic faith.

The biggest mistake husbands and wives converting to Catholicism make is to hide what they have learned or hide the changes in their lives. (I don’t know what has happened to help you convert) But you need to share as much as possible as charitably as possible. Make it a journey of discovery for both of you, or else there will be friction.

Even if she is opposed to listening the best thing you can do in a marriage is find ways to communicate, you need to share your feelings and desires.

God Bless



Hi Hal and welcome to the Catholic Church. :wave:

St. Paul knew he didn’t need to follow Kosher Laws anymore, but he ate Kosher around other Jews so that his eating habits wouldn’t be a stumbling block for them. St. Paul’s only “dietary restriction” was to not eat food sacrificed to idols. In a similar way, maybe just don’t wear the specific symbols that were dedicated to Mormonism, but the style of underwear you wear doesn’t really matter much. I understand that these garments carry much weight in the minds of some Mormons, but to me as a Catholic, they just seem like undergarments.:shrug:

You wrote that your wife is understanding of your conversion, which is wonderful. Sometimes the little things carry as much weight to women as the big things. As you think this is one of those little things that really matters to your wife, then don’t let something as small as your underwear become a stumbling block for her. (As a wife, I don’t want to trip over my husband’s underwear either.:wink: )


My husband told me he was leaving the lds church 2 1/2 years ago. I was a born under the covenant lifetime lds member I cried and even considered divorce. It was a very rough time in our marriage and many hurtful things were said by both of us during this time. My husband was patient if not perfect. Once he let me do it on my own I did do some of my own studying and did end up following him to the catholic church. (a long story) I hope that this also happens for you eventually. Not wearing the garments was really hard. You get used to them. I started buying underthings that were cut similarly but without the markings. My husband was able to cheerfully go without all at once. Take it at your comfort level. Cut yourself some slack this is a difficult transition at the best of times and at othertimes the anger, grief, loss and all the other emotions on your part can be overwelming. Try and be patient with your wife it is not so easy being her either. So my vote goes with buy new undies without the markings. On the bright side now that your not a bishop you will have time to do some of those romantic and family activities that you had to put aside to meet the needs of your ward. Use this time to win your wife all over again. If you need to talk there are a few of us converts here on this site who have been where you are. Feel free to PM me or my husband anytime.


Everyone has given wonderful advice. No, you can’t continue to wear it. It marks you to yourself and others as a mormon. If you are a Catholic, be a Catholic. And enjoy the freedom!


Hal, I really don’t know much about Mormon Under-garments except that they are a sign of some covenant Mormons make with their god(s).

I can’t answer your question but can give some pointers that might help you to decide, or at least might help you know what you need to find out to make this decision.

Firstly you need to find out if it is Sinful to wear these garments; by asking -

**A) **Is wearing them is an inherantly evil act?

**B) Does it cause YOU to sin in: **
1) thought?
2) desire?
3) word?
4) action?
5) omission?

C) does it make you an accessory to anothers sin:
1) By advising someone to sin?
2) By commanding someone to sin?
3) By provoking someone to sin?
4) By consenting to someone’s sin?
5) By showing someone how to sin?
6) By praising someone for his sin?
7) By concealing, remaining silent about, doing nothing to prevent someone’s sin?
8) By taking part in or enjoying the result of someone’s sin?
9) By defending someone’s sin?

D) Does it cause another to sin?

If the answer is NO to all the above, then I can’t see anything wrong with it. But if it leads to sin then “cut it off”.

:twocents: If I were you, I would seriously consider explaining to your wife (in love), why you do not want to wear them, and listen to her reasons (if any) about why she does want you to wear them. You might find that there isn’t as much of a problem as you think.

Hope this helps. Maybe others could shed some more light on the matter!

God Bless


This is wonderful advice. I would also suggest that you look into the sacremental of a scapular. It is very comforting to always carry with you a physical reminder of your commitments.


There has been some wonderful advice. apologies for not replying sooner.

As much as I do not want to accept it, the Mormon garments are a symbol of covenants made with a false God. I use this strong language not to offend any of my Mormon brothers and sisters. The covenants made are perfectly reasonable and very good - other than being willing to give everything to the Mormon church. So, no “funny business” here. But they are a symbol nonetheless.

I have just been working away from home and did not have enough garments, so bought some ordinary one. My wife saw I was wearing boxer shorts, and mentioned it, but has said nothing more. I will attend the Mormon conference in our area tonight as a way of showing her that I am not about to leave her alone. This may soften the blow.

The first reply to my post stated that Mormons should burn their garments when they need to dispose of them. Not necessary to do this, though some do. All that is needed is for the markings to be cut out. The rest of the garment can them be cut up and used as dusters or the like.

Thank you for everyone who replied to be by personal message. I will most certainly make contact with you.

I will keep you aprised of the situation. Well, I never thought at age 44, I would be on a forum talking about my underwear !!

God bless you all.



Just a quick update on my underwear. (You know if this was not so serious, it would be hilarious. It’s sureal giving you an update on my underwear).

My wife noticed that I was wearing boxers and asked whether I would be from now on. I said truthfully that I had run out of Mormon garments. She said that I should buy some more ordinary ones. This afternoon, she cut out the markings from my Mormon underwear, the material away and then burned the markings in the sink. (My apologies to an earlier poster who suggested that Mormons burned their garments after use. Well I saw it happen today).

There was no upset or arguments. But tonight she has gone to see the Stake President (or one of his consellors) to have her temple recommend renewed. She has also said that she will be attending the temple on Friday.

So, I think her reaction is to be more “committed” or “faithful”, maybe “diligent” is the right word to the temple, where these meaning of the garments is explained and the markings are a central part.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I know a lot of people have been praying for me and even a mass has been said on my behalf. Not out of the woods yet, but so far so good. Now I do not have to wear the symbols of the covenants made to a false god.

God bless you all,



Very cool, Hal.


Do not expect any instant conversions for your wife. My husband was years ahead of me and the more he pushed the firmer a wall I became. Try not to be frustrated you and your wife are in different modes right now. She is trying to protect her family as best she can given the information she acepts at this point. She may even become more devout than ever to compensate. How many kids do you have? in which religion are they going to be raised? hers, yours, both? Are you still going to pay tithing? and if so to which church? These are some of the hard questions that are coming so be prepared. Remember above all to be kind to your wife. You are starting a new path without her and that can be a very scary thing for the one left behind. Why is it that the guys seem to get the message about the lds not being the place to be first? Probably because as lds women we are very connected to the community that the church builds around us. Good luck and God bless and your virtual friends are only a post away.

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