Mormon Wiki?


We were doing some reading/browsing last night and stumbled upon something called MormonWiki. It looks like a Mormon version of Wikipedia. I’ve never heard of it before. Anybody else know anything about it?

The articles appear to be quite a bit more Mormon-friendly than what I’m finding on Wikipedia, which I guess is understandable if this thing is run by the LDS church.


FAIR-LDS, an apologetics organization, is creating it’s own Wikipedia. I thought it was called FAIRWiki but mebbe they are calling it MormonWiki. It covers articles of interest to Mormons or which are more-fair in LDS eyes to their side of things (as you noted). It also provides some apologetics information often not readily found otherwise. FAIR-LDS is becoming quite the counterpart to this forum, though they don’t have a radio program yet. They DO have their own forum.

Notably, while Catholic posters here tend to be mainstream, believing, devout, and practicing Roman Catholics, some of the posters over at FAIR-LDS seem to be liberal Mormons, barely in the fold themselves. They actually like to distinguish themselves from “chapel Mormons” or “True-Believing Mormons” (TBM’s), Latter-Day Saints who accept what is taught them in the Ensign and other “official” periodicals; LDS youth Seminary; Sunday School; Priesthood; and/or Relief Society; without having many questions or issues. Those who DO have such questions find FAIR-LDS, along with such periodicals as Sunstone or Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, or Signature Books, to apparently be the chief places where like-minded souls can have an exchange of ideas.

It’s as if Catholic Answers were being operated out of the University of Notre Dame; was operated chiefly by notable Roman Catholic liberal thinkers, with only one or two truly devout ones among them; and served as a sounding-board for ways to re-interpret Catholic doctrine to make it more-reasonable to laypersons on the verge of apostacy or inactivity.


Here’s a link to FAIRWiki:

Hope this helps!


Thanks. Here’s the link to the main page at Mormon Wiki:

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