Mormon woman awaits decision on excommunication



I wonder what people expect when they publicly speak out about positions in their Church being wrong?


I would agree with you completely if this was a Catholic dissenter, but the LDS church is different because they have changed their doctrine in the past. For them divine revelation is not complete with the apostolic age, but continues whenever they believe the current prophet receives new revelation. They have changed church doctrine concerning plural marriage and black priests when it seemed politically necessary and the possibility of future change remains.

In the view of the Mormon faith, she may be wrong, or she may just be early.


Thanks Trader for the info; I’m not well versed in the LDS Church.


If your religion is disrespectful of women, maybe there’s something wrong with your religion and you should be leaving it instead of trying to change it?


You know, I really despise Mormonism when it comes to fundamental tenets like the Godhead, Jesus Christ, salvation, etc.

But you know? When it comes to questions like this, female priests, for example, or gay marriage, I begin to think “I might be able to share a meal with one of them one of these days”.

Succinctly, I like the Mormon Church’s stance on this. Go LDS Church!


I already have shared a meal with a Mormon after a funeral of a mutual friend.

There are some things that we can know by reason alone where we are in full agreement like many of the moral issues, and others that can be known by reason alone where we disagree, like the possibility of more than one God.

Of course we disagree about God as a Trinity of equal persons or the two natures of Jesus. These are things that can only be known by divine revelation which they have not yet received. In my experience Mormons are people of good will who are seeking God, and a good example of the people Pope Francis said we are not to judge. Once they learn more about the history of their own church, they should be good candidates to become Catholic. They are much more open to Christ than the Muslims who frequently reject the use of reason to discover the truth, or than western secularists who reject the possibility of anything but reason.


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