Mormon women declare 'Wear Pants to Church Day'

Mormon women declare ‘Wear Pants to Church Day’
By Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Posted: 12/12/2012 08:59:05 AM PST
Updated: 12/12/2012 08:59:35 AM PST

A group of Mormon feminists has declared Dec. 16 “Wear Pants to Church Day.”

Female Mormon missionaries are not allowed to wear pants, except on their days off. Some women do wear dressy pants to church, but social convention dictates that most Mormon women don dresses or skirts to their weekly services.

Wear Pants Day is the first act of All Enlist, a group dedicated to gender equality in the Latter-Day Saints church, according to its Facebook page describing it.

“We do not seek to eradicate the differences between women and men, but we do want the LDS Church to acknowledge the similarities,” the group’s mission statement says. “We believe that much of the cultural, structural, and even doctrinal inequality that persists in the LDS Church today stems from the church’s reliance on - and enforcement of - rigid gender roles that bear no relationship to reality.”

Already more than 500 people have agreed to make the symbolic gesture.

The group is encouraging those Mormons who already wear pants to church - i.e., men - to show support “by wearing a purple shirt, tie, socks, or ribbon, purple being a color historically associated with the suffrage movement.”

“Attending church is about worship and learning to be followers of Jesus Christ,” LDS spokesman Scott Trotter said Tuesday in a statement. “Generally church members are encouraged to wear their best clothing as a sign of respect for the Savior, but we don’t counsel people beyond that.”

LDS Members, what do you think? My sister seems to think it’s sacrilege more in the sense that they’re making a political statement at church… I remember reading about a feminist movement in the LDS Church back in the 80’s years ago- do you think this is just a continuation of that?

Just curious as to people’s opinions… I personally can’t see WHY this is such a big deal, but it is.

Let’s hope not, as women were excommunicated for speaking against “the brethren”. :rolleyes:

It does seem odd that it’s such a big deal, but apparently from the hateful commentary on the Salt Lake Trib it is a big deal. Around here “women wear pants to church day” would look just like any other Sunday, kind of like “drive your car to work Friday”.

You mean the rest of the year Mormon women don’t wear pants to church?


Well then im going undercover in their church to really see with my own eyes :thumbsup:

I know some Southern Baptist congregations that frown upon women wearing pants to church.

In fact, a woman I used to work with told the story of how she was visiting some relatives in Tennessee, and went to church with them.

Coincidentally, she was wearing a very fashionable pant suit, and the preacher’s sermon happened to be about wearing pants to church.

Did I mention that she was the only woman in church that had pants on?

She said she just sat there with a smile, and did a pageant wave every time someone turned around to stare at her…LOL

Exactly what I would have done! Well, maybe a few threatening gestures with my cane, too… :wink:


There exists a group of Catholics who believe women should not wear pants, non?
I’ve commented on a few of those threads, talking about how women should be clad in “Marian” dress?

Here is one of many:

Man, I hope the Mormon women wear their pants to church that day!!!
One small step in clothing, one giant step for womankind!

I love it.

Even when I was a fundy we never went THAT far to convert people.
'course I knew a preachers who had a little problem in the trouser area…:rolleyes:
Oh well, back to topic.

I think its a little silly that a church (any church) would tell someone what to wear. Who cares what they wear as long as its respectful.

Two - where in the bible does it say women … Oh never mind.

Wearing dresses is a western idea of how a women should dress. Since the Catholic Church is world wide with respects to all her cultures, a dress code (if there is one) will depend on geographical location

On a side note: I wish more girls were pants than short skirts :eek: at my church. I mean really? Why am I seeing a teenager girl wear something she cannot even genuflect in or a boy wearing clothing so loose, he has to hold them up as they go for communion.

Hopefully our Lord will forgive me for being judgmental on dress.

I have a non-Catholic Christian friend who went to a Mormon church once. She wore jeans and a cross. Oops :eek:

It wasn’t that long ago (2011) that Mormon lady missionaries were given permission to wear skirts/dresses with no socks. Prior to that, they had to have a stock of pantyhose.

Women are allowed one earring per ear. No more piercings than that. :tsktsk:

I like more piercings!!!

If I were still LDS I’d wear purple in support. The insistence on cultural homogeneity in Mormondom bothered me even when I was a practicing member. I understand why the church insists on it for missionaries and other representatives of the church, but lay members? Not that there’s any commandment to follow the more dubious parts of the BYU honor code when neither a student there nor a missionary, but why is it that I’d catch so much flack from people in my ward for having a beard? Or deciding one Sunday that I felt like wearing a blue collared shirt rather than the standard white?

Or the ultimate Mormon male faux pas: dispensing with the necktie!

You mean people other than Catholics on CAF argue about women wearing pants?! :eek::eek::eek:

The cultural pressure in Mormonism is much much stronger: to the point that I sometimes suspect that the extreme conservatives at CAF are Mormon trolls in disguise.

I looked around at Mass last Sunday, and, really, I only saw one woman wearing a dress-- me.

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