Mormonism and Protestantism

Would the LDS Church be considered Protestant?

How would you explain the Mormon Church when it comes to Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism?

It is hard to consider Mormons any type of Christian. They believe in multiple gods, do not believe in the Trinity, and believe Jesus visited America after his Resurrection.

They also have many other beliefs which contradict those of Christianity.

Something other.

I think many protestants would not considers mormon’s to be a denomination since they seem to have a fairly divergent view on Christ relative to that of most protestant’s and evangelicals. From a Catholic perspective, however, I think we might consider mormanism to be a form of protestantism (in that they are “protesting” against the one true belief in Christ).

The Community of Christ went from LDS to protestant! They’re now on the National Council of Churches and are a good group of progressive Christians! :thumbsup:

They are considered a cult because their doctrine is at odds with the traditional understanding of the Holy Trinity. Protestant denominations affirm the Trinity and can trace their roots to the 16th century reformation.

I would consider the CoC a cult as well. Although they have distanced themselves from the LDS church - they continue to hold that the Book of Mormon and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants are inspired scripture.

CoC waffles a bit on the BoM:

long-standing questions about its historicity and in part because of perceived theological inadequacies, including matters of race and ethnicity."

At the 2007 Community of Christ World Conference, President Stephen M. Veazey ruled on a resolution to “reaffirm the Book of Mormon as a divinely inspired record” out of order. In so doing he stated that “while the Church affirms the Book of Mormon as scripture, and makes it available for study and use in various languages, we do not attempt to mandate the degree of belief or use. This position is in keeping with our longstanding tradition that belief in the Book of Mormon is not to be used as a test of fellowship or membership in the church.”%between%

They admit to problems with the BoM, and their affirmation of the Trinity is sufficient.

Wow what a judgmental attitude; you know barely anything about them… They’re a mainline protestant sect! I suppose I am in a heretical cult as well. The Church of England! :shrug:

The LDS is classified as a non-Chistian group. The Catholic Church does not recognize LDS baptism as valid.

Are you thinking of the Church of Christ, mitex? That wasn’t what stew was referring to. He was referring to the Community of Christ, a Mormon offshoot sect.

Community of Christ has been affirmed by the National Council of Churches (a protestant organization) as a valid Christian denomination is affirmed as such by many mainline protestant denominations.

Their LDS origins (book of mormon etc) are so minimal and devolved that its not significant. Both books on on their way out.

Hooray for progress.

They admit to problems with the BoM, and their affirmation of the Trinity is sufficient.

Maybe. I’m not sure our protestant brethren would agree with you. As I noted earlier, they trace their roots to Joseph Smith - not Luther, Calvin, or Zwingli. And the fact that they regard the BoM and D&C as scripture seems to contradict a basic principle of Protestantism; namely, Sola Scriptura.

Their recognition by the National Council of Churches is irrelevant to whether they are a Christian church. They accept the Book of Mormon as an inspired set of Scripture. Since the Book of Mormon denies Christian verity, they are not a Christian church.

That’s an opinion! There are more Churches that accept them than don’t! :eek:

Their acceptance by other denominations (and given some of the denominations in the National Council of Churches…) is, again, irrelevant. What they believe determines whether they are a Christian church. They accept several fraudulent documents to be the word of God. Most of which denies basic tenets of the Christian faith. This rules out their inclusion among Christ’s church, not ecclesiastical opinion.

That’s not an opinion. I’m sorry, but truth is not relative to opinions. The objective truth is that Mormonism is not Christian.

Judgmental? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t scripture tell us to “beware of false prophets” and to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God”?

Alex your wrong.

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