I was discussing the end times with a Mormon. (Unrelated to the main point of this post, but does anyone know of a good outline of the Catholic view of the end times? With biblical and patriotic evidence?) He brought up three main doctrines that I was hoping to find resources for refuting.

First off he talked about baptism for the dead. He claimed Paul talked about it in Corinthians. I was wondering if anyone could point me towards some bible verses that show how this is wrong.
Second he said that Mormons believe that St. John the Apostle is still alive. I remember reading something from one of the Church Fathers on the death of John. I was wondering if anyone could show me to it. Any bible verses would also be helpful.
Finally he talked about the Mormon idea of the great apostasy. Short of quoting Matthew 16 how can I dispute his claim? Has anyone had to deal with this before, and if so, what worked?

Thank you for all replies.

The idea of posthumous baptism and St. John still being alive and guiding the LDS Church are standard and unique LDS ideas. No other Protestant churches, that I know of, accept them. “The Great Apostasy” theory that the Catholic Church went apostate at some point and needed to be “restored” is a standard Protestant idea. The LDS concept is a little more extreme, that the Church went bad very soon after Christ’s death and the Catholic Bible is so mis-copied and mistranslated so as to be largely false.

The best summary of Catholic teaching on the Endtimes is in the Catechism:

These topics have been discussed thoroughly on CAF.

At the top of the page is a Search link. Do an advanced search on the key words for each topic, like “baptism for the dead” and you will be directed to the many threads that have dealt with the topic in the past.

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I’m curious as to what you mean by “patriotic evidence?”

My bad. I typed this on my phone and I’m guessing my auto correct kicked in. I meant to say patristic.

Not really. The only Protestants that believe in the ‘apostacy-restoration’ dichotomy are the Disciples of Christ, and churches of Christ. Just them and a handful of Christian related cults like the mormons, SDAs, and the Jehovah Witnesses.

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Thank you.

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