Mormons and changing doctrine


If mormons believe they are the true Church that fell away after the apostles, then all the true doctrines should be in place when Joseph Smith brought the Church back, correct? Ok, so then why was the doctrine concerning polygamy tossed out? Like Luther, Smith started this just to ease his conscience. In this case, about marrying more than one woman.


Luther was a polygamist?


Luther started his “sola fide” argument as a means of satiating his conflicted conscience. Smith started polygamy in a religious setting to ease his own conscience, in this case, polygamy. That is my assertion.


Luther actually did teach that he couldn’t find a scriptural reason to oppose polygamy:

You’ll have to read down in the article a little ways.


You are indeed correct. If Smith truly restored the church then it should have never changed doctrines at all. Yet, there have been many substantial changes. The biggies are:

Law of Adoption (temple ordinance)
Polygamy (temple ordinance)
Priesthood and men of African descent

There have also been major changes to the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, both supposedly revealed by God.

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