Mormons and ECFs

Does anyone know of a book or other resource that looks at the Mormon’s claims about the Early Church Fathers and refutes them?

For example, one claim I’ve seen is that the ECFs believed in the preexistence of souls. To back up their view, they cite Origen. Of course, it is well known among scholars and students of patristics (I am among the later) that Origen was condemned by the Church for this heresy which he took almost directly from Plato.

I can refute the Mormon claim with sources from scholars, Catholic and secular, but it gets complicated to do this with all their claims. It would be nice to go to a resource that’s created specifically for Catholics against Mormons.

I need to see a quote that actually show what Origen said. Oh by the way, Origen was condemned as a heretic. He had beliefs contrary to what Orthodox Christianity was. He did not believe the eternal suffering of hell, for example. This is contrary to the teachings of the Church of his day.

It is no wonder Origen was never canonized as a Saint. There were other Early theologian like Tertillian, who were wise but believe in views contrary to the teachings of the Church.

Tertullian adopted Montanist practices late in his life and was associated with the heretical Montanists. It is probably due to this association that he has never been acknowledged as a saint.

I don’t know where Origen taught the preexistence of souls. They are not incorrect in claiming that he did. What they are incorrect in is their assertion that he represents true Christianity where as everyone who condemned him is the apostate Church. The reason why they are incorrect is that it Origen took the view from Plato. I’ve heard some Mormons go so far as to say that the preexistence of souls was the true Christian doctrine, but that the “apostates” took the view that the soul is created concurrently or after the body from the Greeks!

It’s not the specific issue that I am taking them up with, but rather their abuse of the Fathers. That’s why I want to know if there is some resource that is written solely for that purpose.

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