mormons and judgement at death


I was talking to two friends last night who are mormons. They said that they believe that after you are dead there is still time for conversion. Now, how in the world can that be?
Can anybody help explain this one? Thanks.


Essentially, Mormons believe that those who haven’t heard about Jesus Christ or the Mormon gospel in this life will be presented with the choice to accept it or reject it after death. Mormons do baptisms on earth so that those who accept it can have what they consider a valid baptism. In some ways this belief is more logical than believing that once you die you’re going to hell because a Christian preacher didn’t get to you before you kicked the bucket. I know there are churches that teach that anyone who doesn’t accept Christianity before death is going to hell even if they didn’t get an opportunity. They were predestined not to hear it so God is going to send them to hell because that is where they were predestined to go.


By that same logic, since “The reward of sin is death” why not just let loose? I mean, we’re all going to die because we all sin, why not just go crazy with the sins?

The problem with teaching predestination is that it completely contradicts the concept of free will. So in saying we are predestined for heaven or hell, you are saying we have no choice about anything in our lives. We’re just going through the motions.


This belief is not logical at all. Once you’re dead, you’ve lost the chance to change your mind.


The Mormon exception is for those who never heard about Mormonism prior to death. Their belief is you can only be judged according to the knowledge that you had prior to death. If you are presented with the Mormon gospel in its fulness and completely reject it, you don’t get a second chance.


Well then I’d say we’re all good as long as we don’t listen to the missionaries. If we get there and find out we were wrong all along we can make a post-deathbed repentence and be good to go! :thumbsup:


Well, certainly you could change your mind. The question is whether changing your mind after death does you any good.


Sounds good if you go before me, I’ll help you out, now for the record that Tim with a capital “T”, ok got you, good to go. See you later.:smiley:


If we get there and find out we were wrong all along we can make a post-deathbed repentence and be good to go! :thumbsup:

Good deal.
Now, what about THEM finding out they were all wrong?!? :smiley:


Well, if were wrong your ok, unless your first word after you pass is “opps”. :slight_smile:



"The postmortal spirit world is an actual place where spirits reside and 'where they converse together


Let’s not forget that the entire reason behind the temple sealings and baptisms for the dead that Mormons do in their temples are done for “spirits” who have accepted the Mormon gospel in the afterlife.

in Christ


I’m sure this was just a misprint on you part. These baptisms are done for those that where not baptised. It is that person’s choice to accept it or not. We have no way of knowing if they have accepted or not.


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