Mormons and Time Management


I recently heard a radio broadcast of Jouney Home in which Marcus Grodi remarked that Mormons have been rather prolific in the field of Time Managment. While he didn’t mention any by name, I assume he’s referring to Steven Covey of Seven Habits fame and Hyrum Smith of the Franklin Planner system.
While my own research has found quite a few more Time Management resources by Mormons, I have been unable to determine whether there is some theological basis in Mormonism for this emphasis.
Maybe it simply has to do with the rather regimented life of the missionaries, but can anyone fill me in on whether the Mormon’s premise their focus on Time Managment on some theological teaching of theirs?


I think it has to do with the Eternal Progression aspects. LDS in general are big on goal setting which leads into time managment.



Basically, cult membership involves most of a persons waking hours devoted to the cult. Mormons spend many hours a week either at their club meetings or in their temples. Which leaves very little time for anything else. So they have to manage any spare time they have for any other aspect of their lives carefully.


The Mormons are as much as a cult as The Roman Catholics. It’s wierd how people throw the word “cult” around.


any mormon can correct me if i’m wrong, but i have read this a few times. they believe that their position in this life will directly affect their position in the life to come (i.e. if you are rich on earth, you will be rich in heaven). so time management becomes important because success is eternally important.


YOu have it sort of backward. There is a little saying in the LDS church which says “God prospers the righteous”

But there is no connection between worldly and heavenly wealth in the manner you state. Worldly wealth might be a sign of righteousness, but being poor doesn’t mean you will be poor in heaven.


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