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Hi All:

Please pray for a friends of ours. The both were born Catholic but really aren’t practicing. They have been befriended by Mormon friends (actually -our friends wife was married to a mormon who died in a motorcycle accident… and it is her inlaws)… and now are thinking about being Mormon.

These friends are great people (not to say Mormon’s aren’t - they are), but just don’t know enough of the Catholic faith to keep them strong. Our guy friend said to my husband - these people are so caring and loving … I am thinking about actually starting to go to church. That is pretty something if you knew him - he is a guys guy … so there is something interesting him to this church.

Please keep A and P in your prayers … that the spirit will lead them to where our Lord wants them to be … perhaps it is just a test … I don’t know …

Thanks and Please pray. Anyone have any advise - I sure would appreciate it.
God’s peace!



A and P are in my prayers.

Depending on how close you are to these friends… I can’t offer you a clearcut way to intercede. There may be no graceful way to do it. Keep in mind, though, that just because someone starts acting Mormon doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. The fact that this man is having a religious catharsis is a good sign. A very good process is in action. In time, he may find that he should have come Home instead. You may be able to show him things.

Your best route would, IMO, be to educate yourself about Mormonism so that, when/if you discuss religion with him, you’ll know the ground rules, word definitions, etc.

Meantime, A and P and all concerned are in my prayer list.


This is a difficult one. I would say that if people find peace and comfort in the lds faith, well, that is not such a bad thing. What is a friend if not someone who wishes the very best for their friends and if a friend finds peace and happiness in the mormon faith I would give them my support and still give them my friendship. I would say the same for a Luthern who wishes to join the Catholic faith.

This weekend I will be attending a Catholic retreat. There will be people who are not Catholic but they want to find the spiritual peace in a Catholic retreat.

We all seem to be on some sort of journey these days. :shrug:


I would intercede with them. Use this as a moment to share a deeper sense of the Catholic faith. Mormons routinely “friendship” people into their church, although the friendship ends if the person chooses not to convert. It is more manipulation then real friendship.

There is a cost to renoucing the fulness of faith and embracing error. It is our responsibility to help people in this situation. Let’s not fall into relativism.


Perhaps God is calling you to be a witness to the Faith. Now is the time for you to stand up and spread His word and be the light in the dark for your friends. Pray, and listen to your Heart.

Meet them on their level and ask him specifically he likes about it.


Amazing how foolish people can be. We spend more time shopping to buy a pair of shoes, sometimes driving across town to get the best deal, than we do in deciding which is the true Church. We pay more attention to our pocketbook than our eternal soul.

You should tell your friends that they also need to do a little shopping to find the right church. One church is not as good as another and it’s not their pocketbook that may be in jeopardy but their soul. Many Catholics are lost because they simply don’t have the facts. That’s were you come in. Relate the above and give them a good book explaining the Catholic Church in relation to other churches and direct them to Catholic Answers for the truth.


This is a generalized statement that is not necessarily true. It assumes that Mormons are incapable of having friends outside their faith. And if so, you are wrong. Mormons do have friends outside of their faith but I believe that Mormons are also told to be careful who they make friends with. The standards of the friends become important in this case.

And besides, the above mentioned couple will soon find this out if you are correct. And if so, they will remain in the catholic faith.


Tell them that hidden within the Book of Mormon is a CONFIRMATION of the validity of the Catholic Church.

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Can you find out what’s interesting and then start a conversation about it?


I agree. For that matter, Catholics should also be careful in selecting their friends. The Mormons I know are extremely nice people, and practically never show me their religion. Of course, there have been some clashes, and they’ve learned not to push the issue, because I am capable and very willing to defend my faith.

My observation, given what has been described, is that the man in this couple is having a religious conversion of some sort. Previously, we are made to understand, he has been a cold Catholic. My own personal opinion is that a hot Mormon is better than a cold Catholic, for there is always hope that the fire will later be redirected into more orthodox channels. All he will need is a friend or two who will not fail to speak the truth at all times and places. Perhaps the early stages of conversion are the best opportunities to present the facts of Mormonism, such as the polygamy, eternal progression, god once was a man, Jesus was a polygamist, etc.


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I know what you mean. They are nice people. I have a catholic/Mormon background. I remember that as a catholic boy, the catholic church was there and yet, it was not there. Not much was happening inside the catholic church in terms of activities. And of course, although I attended cathecism and went to mass, I was still ignorant of the Mass. I am learning a great deal about my old faith now. And I see it in a different way these days. And the catholic friends I have in the Nuns and priests are very good for me.

But Mormons are also special people and they do mean well. This is why I said that if this family can become closer to god through the Mormon Church, well, so be it. Likewise, if a mormon can become closer to god through the catholic church, so be it. We seem to be living in a spiritual rootless world and we need to find a spiritual root where we can.


Absolutely agreed! I love Mormon people, they are the very highest quality people in the world, as far as I am concerned.

Matter of fact, this is why I feel so deprived. These wonderful people should be Catholics. All Christians should be Catholics. Their absence from the larger body of Christians, the one with the unbroken line of authority, weakens the Body of Christ. Jesus desires that all of us be united. It seems clear that this unity could never happen under the aegis of Mormonism, or any of the other sects. Think how powerfully we could speak to a dying culture if we all had a single authoritative voice, rather than being distracted among ourselves in little wrestling matches over doctrine and authority. The sects are engaged in fierce competition for converts. Church Growth is the constant mantra of evangelicals and Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, to say nothing of Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Assemblies of God, Church of Christ, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc, etc, etc. They’re all so busy picking each others’ pockets, they don’t have time to speak the gospel to a world dying of consumerism and depravity.


But Mormons are also special people and they do mean well. This is why I said that if this family can become closer to god through the Mormon Church, well, so be it. Likewise, if a mormon can become closer to god through the catholic church, so be it. We seem to be living in a spiritual rootless world and we need to find a spiritual root where we can.

I definitely agree that Mormons are very nice and special people!! They are very family oriented, just great people. The only problem is their religion.

It would be impossible to become closer to God through the Mormon Church. They worship a different God. Their god is one of many gods who were once men. They believe that the god of this world was a good man in good standing with the Morman church, He has been rewarded in the after life with his own planet to populate with he and his wife’s or wives off spring. He is one of many extra terrestrial gods that any Morman who follows all the rules (Has a temple recommend, and is married in the temple etc.) can become. The Jesus they worship is the brother of Satan; they are both one of gods spirit children.

You could offer them a very good book ONE NATION UNDER GODS A History of the Mormon Church, By Richard Abanes, this book explains the Mormon faith and how it came into being. It is very well documented and would help them to understand what they would be getting into. Then you share your faith and help them to understand their Catholic faith.

God Bless,


I forgot to say, that I will keep them in my prayers.

God Bless,


In all charity, I must disagree. To someone who posesses the true faith, to offer a counterfeit like mormonism to ease a dryness of soul is like offering someone whiskey who has a bad toothache . It may ease the pain temporarily, when the whiskey wears off, the pain is back again. The tooth needs to be fixed. This is an opportunity to perhaps teach them again the Truth of our beloved Catholic Church, without compromise. To allow them to be sucked into Mormonism for lack of effort would not be doing them a service.


If they are single, introduce them to some strong single catholics. Otherwise, invite them over for dinner to stregthen your freindship with them. Basically, those in groups like LDS, do practice “love bombing”.



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