Mormons attacked in Arizona!

It seems unfortunate that mormons are again being singled out and attacked. It seems that the mormons are not a threat (as related by catholic answers) but rather are threatened.

Police arrested two of the alleged attackers, who had carved swastikas in their wrists. Investigators say alcohol may have played a role.

I think this is what the police call: a clue.

An isolated incident by <edit: please add allegedly, thank you> drunken moronic Nazi sympathizing dorks does not an epidemic make.

crimes are usually committed by criminals. it appears to me that is a crime and they are criminals.

i guess whenever momronkids get into a fight it is because they are moromons,not for any other possible reason. lord knows, they are just the nicelest people and would never do anything to irritate anyone at any time.

and, i see whyme is scanning the global news for any signs of momrons under threat. pretty thin pickin’s though. i’ll bet he could find something in saudi arabia, but I forgot, LdS missionaries don’t go to moslem countries.

I am sorry to hear what had happened. It’s tought to walk on the street and being targeted by a random group of people. Were the two victims wearing some uniform as to identify they are Mormons?

Hum it’s been a hundred years plus sense any massive anti-Mormon violence. I doubt that’s changing yet, but as a people we tend to be a little leery given the issues of the past.

This took place in Arizona, a state which has members of the FLDS within its borders. It’s possible that, with the recent coverage of the FLDS raid in Texas, the people who committed this crime did so as some sort of backlash. And, yes, I do realize that the FLDS are not affiliated with the LDS. But maybe the attackers did not.

You are right. This is not the first time mormons have been attacked. I also posted another thread where mormons were targeted. I can see it happening more and more as coverage of the lds church increases. Of course the internet does not help the issue at hand. If people can shout out negatives and heresays about the lds church and by doing so, influence people in their behavior toward mormons, well such attacks will happen more and more.

This was why I was against the Mormon Threat letter by catholic answers. It fuels suspicion and bigotry. But such is the internet and its influence about the lds church.

The problem of course was that they were asked if they were mormons and then they were beat on. And that makes all the difference.

It makes a difference only in that this was these particular allegedly drunken moronic Nazi sympathizing dorks at this particular time. People that inflict random violence on others use excuses to act it out, or just act it out and then come up with an excuse if they are caught. It is wrong and illegal and I hope they are brought to justice. But I do not think this is the beginning of some sort of massive Mormon persecution. You don’t think that’s the case, do you?

Though you are using sarcasm, could you clarify what it is your trying to say here?

and, i see whyme is scanning the global news for any signs of momrons under threat. pretty thin pickin’s though. i’ll bet he could find something in saudi arabia, but I forgot, LdS missionaries don’t go to moslem countries.

Your right we don’t send our young missionaries to Saudi Arabia, it is against Saudi Law, Does the Catholic Church officially send missionaries to Saudi Arabia?


Seriously, you need to stop being so paranoid. As does teancum. This idea of being “leary” is just silly, and somewhat egotistical, as it implies that Mormons think they are important enough to have the world after them. You’re not.

Violence happens everywhere, Catholic nuns, priests and bishops are in places in the world where they face danger and are murdered for their faith.

The “religious freedom” of the early US colonies was for everyone but “papists”. A whole colony just for Catholics, Maryland, had to be created because the other colonies would not accept Catholics. Some of their charters included a death penalty for being Catholic.

Groups like the KKK and other white supremacists are very anti-Catholic, and very threatening in their language.

Do we walk around leary and paranoid? Do we seek out every slight against a Catholic and cry religious persecution? No. It is just plain silly to do so.

It is only because the LDS media in Salt Lake has an audience for such trivial “news” that it is even reported.

This is a case of high school teens who have carved swastikas on their arms, and are in a mind frame to choose someone to harass. It is obvious these kids know nothing of swastikas or Mormons and are ignorant criminal fools.

Let it go.

Also why me, are you really making a connection between CAF and children with swastikas on their arms?

Maybe I missed the fine print of the CAF email, but I don’t remember anything in there that indicated a call for Catholics to take up with Nazis and beat up on Mormons.

I don’t recall anything in there at all that was hateful. Direct, to the point, and clear, but not hateful.

You have made an incredibly illogical leap in your thought process.

Sorry to hear about this, Mormons. Nobody should be getting beaten up like that.

In the battle between Mormons and Nazis, I’m on the Mormons’ side.

let’s not forget all the british laws against catholics that were imposed throughout the UK for years. you can find all kinds of persecution of catholics in India, china and even Mexico. all mormons really had to deal with was there own disgruntled members and those who who opposed their illegal activities. (polygamy, bank fraud) these days there isn’t much notice given to mormons much less targeted persecution. anticatholics like why me search constantly for evidence to fuel the LDS persecution complex that helps them feel unique and special. You want to see persecution against gods chosen people? look at what the Jews have had to endure. mormons have it pretty easy.

Talk about ignorance. Granted what the Jews have dealt with was on a much larger scale, but it’s only been 1976 when the official kick out of kill all Mormons order was removed in MO. I’ll not even get into the practice of making a practice illegal and than locking up people for not letting their families starve. Mormos are far from the only ones to be attacked for their beliefs, but pretending that it’s their fault is shallow and ignorant.

I think this is a first, I find myself agreeing with you on something. This type of violence happens to individuals of various groups by the misguided form time to time. I do think the media does play to it’s demographic for sales, and controversy makes money in the news business. I disagree with you however, with your suggestion that this is trivial story, when you’re a member of the group that is affected you tend to be more interested in the story, for example the over 14,000 views on the LDS vandalism story on this forum.


I agree that there is interest in what interests you. :smiley:

However, that incidence is behind us. The Bishop of that diocese made the decision to forgive and forget, not charges were filed. It’s done. I don’t nervously stare out my window because of a paranoid worry that my Mormon neighbors are going to come and vandalize my property.

you can choose to ignore the facts all you want but if you study your churches history. you see a different version than what is presented in sunday school. you certainly have exaggerated the MO case (and conveniently ignored the rest of that story of how it got issued to begin with) when was polygamy legal? let’s also not forget that back then LDS scriptures called polygamy a crime and declared that the LDS didn’t practice it. that was in the D&C…canonized! so perhaps if these people wouldn’t have been building up harems they wouldn’t have been locked up. Starve? you really need to read more Brigham Young. his teachings basically had the women producing in numerous ways while the men went on missions to bring back more women. there is no pretending here. the tarring and feathering incident(and many others) that are taught as the result of JS testimony were mainly the result of people outraged at his propositioning their wives and daughters. (not to mention the shady financial dealings and secret combinations to get gain) go read william laws last interview, todd compton’'s book, michael quinn or any of the other BYU historians who had access to the facts and got run off for revealing them. the shalloe ignorant view here certainly isn’t mine.

Perhaps the wrong story was linked. The initial link said it was unclear if the attack was because of religion or because the teens were just spoiling for a fight. Does the motivation for such violence matter that much?

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