Mormons baptizing my dead family members without us knowing?

My family is VERY Catholic, we have been since our great great grand parents moved here from Ireland. I went to the LDS family history website yesterday with my LDS friend to do some family history only to find out that someone has been doing temple work and baptisms for the dead for them. We have no idea who this person is doing it, but they’ve been doing it recently. My family is VERY upset that this is happening, we don’t know what to do. I mean we don’t even know these people.

I doubt there is anything you could actually do about it to stop it. Worst case scenario, they are doing some empty and meaningless ritual that has no effect on your deceased loved ones. Best case scanrio, they are praying and offering supplications for souls in Purgatory wihtout realizing it. :shrug:

All it takes is one Mormon distantly related to you in order for this to happen. Mormonism is false. There is no baptism for the dead. Just ignore these strange and heretical practices. They have no effect on you or your family. Most people (including myself) have ancestors that Mormons have posthumously “baptized”. :slight_smile:

Well somewhere on the far side of the world there are rather a few mullahs beseeching Allah to destroy you (you’re the Great Satan, you know…). Does that freak you out too? It shouldn’t. You can’t control the weird beliefs of others. Rest assured that false religion can’t harm your deceased relatives. Their destiny is already determined.

When you hear that your zayde, who died in Auschwitz, has become a Mormon, well, baruch ha-shem!” — blessed be God! — “that’s just what he always wanted.”–Moshe Waldoks, rabbi of Temple Beth Zion, in Brookline, Mass. in

This was one tit-for-tat response the article noted:
*Anthony Hecht, the chief technology officer for The Stranger, a weekly newspaper in Seattle, decided to fight back by offering conversions to dead Mormons — not to a new religion, but to homosexuality. Last week, he started the Web site

“Sadly, many Mormons throughout history have died without having known the joys of homosexuality,” the site reads. “With your help, these poor souls can be saved. Simply enter the name of your favorite dead Mormon in the form below and click ‘Convert’! Presto, they’re gay for eternity. There is no undo.” *

We Catholics do not do tit-for-tat, obviously! Nobody in the Church gives credence to these “baptisms”, but it is rude for Mormons to attempt them. Mormon officials do care when this happens, however, because it violates LDS policy. Try to contact Mormon authorities about the problem. If the “someone” who is doing this is no relative of your relatives, perhaps the account of the offender can be suspended, so this can be stopped.

I could be wrong here, but…

I don’t believe there is anything you can do about it. These are not actual baptisms. This does not change anything for the souls of your departed loved ones. It is an invalid ritual conducted outside of the written rules of Mormonism even. I too have a Mormon family member who baptizes us after our death. I find it terribly rude, but be assured that it causes no change to the eternal soul of the departed.

As has been said, Morman baptisms, and especially baptisms-by-proxy, are meaningless. If I remember correctly, they even “baptised” some Catholic saints!

Baptism of the dead by proxy is an exercise in futility.

Agreed, but they will hang on to 1 Corinthians 15:29, and you aren’t going to change their minds.

If it bothers you, however, it is against Mormon policy and the Mormon officials do have ways to try to stop those who are doing it. It is not allowed, not even under their own rules. So there is some hope of getting the offenders called onto the carpet, provided you don’t have Mormon relatives that converted when you weren’t paying attention. I think that is worth a try, actually. If no one complains, they’ll surely keep doing it. If someone does complain, it is possible that they might stop it.

I had struggled to understand that verse but now I know it to mean “Why are we baptizing the dead??” I guess the LDS misconstrued that verse. :shrug:

I find this out too when I started doing some family history. Really upset me to see my family listed under their so called baptisms. Even the priests and nuns got it.

Complained but nothing happened.:mad:

Their names may be listed but no baptism occurred. The dead cannot be baptized.

Another thing that bothers us to is that they aren’t all baptisms, they are endowments and other “sacraments” too. It’s very disturbing and now my grand mother thinks that who ever is doing to to our greats are sending them to hell. Please, is there any way we can stop this?

You can contact the Mormons about it, so they can take authorization away from whoever is doing this, on the grounds that it is offensive. You can get your grandmother to a priest, so she can be reassured that these attempted baptisms have no effect whatsoever on the dead. (You may be able to point out to her, after all, that even a real sacramental baptism would have no effect on a dead person. Priests don’t even give last rites to people who are absolutely and certainly dead. The sacraments are for before we leave this world, not after. But she may need to hear it from a priest whom she trusts…)

Your grandma is committing the sin of superstition rather than having faith in God. Rebuke her gently for it.

Also remind her that the determination of whether or not a person goes to heaven or hell (or purgatory on the way to heaven) happens at the particular judgment at the moment of their death. This judgment does not change, no matter what any person on earth says or does after the fact. If a person has been sent to heaven, or purgatory, no Mormon baptism can send that person to hell - the decision has already been made. Plus, the only things we can do that will completely separate us from God’s grace (iow, send us to Hell), require our free consent. Clearly this isn’t possible with an after-death “baptism”. As creepy as it is to have this happen, we have assurance that our salvation is determined by our own lives at the time of our deaths, and not by the actions of others after the fact.

Yes, I know. They receive some type of notification in heaven and can decide there if they want to be Mormon. I have quite a few LDS friends, and we have discussed this thoroughly.

I have most likely been “baptized” by distant Mormon relatives and it is no big deal to me. :shrug: They think they are doing the right thing and one has to appreciate the thought.

Wow. What an interesting religion. :confused:

Oh how odd! Well, I’m thinking that the Beatiffic Vision will be a tad more compelling than this “notification” to anyone who is in heaven, don’tchyathink?

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