Mormons: God as a man not a doctrine anymore?


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One of the original questions:

Do Mormons believe that God was once a man like us?

and…an answer.

That has been taught in the past, but it has no scriptural foundation, and is no longer considered a valid doctrine of the LDS Church.

If this isn’t the case, how can one put any faith in such a group? How can you know that what you are being taught now, won’t be an “invalid doctrine” 20 years down the road?

Some will try to equate it to the outcomes of Vatican II, saying that eating Meat on Fridays is no longer considered a mortal sin. However this is completely different. That was not a deposit of faith. Other Catholics, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Comments? Thoughts?

In Pax Christi


I think you were quoting Zerinus. Don’t take Zerinus too seriously. He apparently disagrees with his own church on several doctrines. This is only the latest one in which he has stepped into the poo.

However, you raise a good point about changing doctrine. Apart from Zerinus’ missteps, Mormonism has, indeed, changed doctrines here and there. I think the Mormon defenders will generally say this is because they have an ongoing revelation system, so that what was real yesterday can become unreal today at the word of the prophet.

And to answer your question, who could “put any faith in such a group…”: No one with his or her mind in working order.


quote=Allweather;1937786] Mormonism has, indeed, changed doctrines here and there. I think the Mormon defenders will generally say this is because they have an ongoing revelation system, **so that what was real yesterday can become unreal today at the word of the prophet. **


And that speaks volumes on the lies and self-fulfilling acts of a “church” which claims to have THE WORD FROM JESUS that Jesus Himself didn’t get right !


That is sad how mislead these poor people are. Please pray for them.


Just so the zealous Mormons don’t get too excited, changing doctrine needs to be defined. Some doctrines become more understood over time and clarified but none should ever change as to have an opposite meaning. There has never been a single case in 2000 years of the Catholic church changing doctrine.

Now, as for the Mormon church, we’re not talking about evolving doctrine or even new revelation. We’re talking about clear reversals of doctrines and clear reversals of previous “revelations”. This is a huge difference. This contradiction of belief is not of the Truth.


:)Harpazo: The Mormon Prophets still say that the Father and the Son have bodies of “flesh and bones as tangible as man’s,” and with the Holy Ghost being a “personage of Spirit.”

Hope that answers your question…


Look at 1978 the Mormon church had a huge change, they finally allowed all people to be in thier church not just the “white race”…


Mitt Romney says that he thinks polygamy is bizzare and that he does not believe in it. Has the doctrine changed that men have many wives in celestial heaven ? Celestial heaven is where spirit children are literally conceived and raised to prepare for earthly bodies. This is a basic belief (or was if it has not changed, of the LDS faith.) If it has not changed, then could Mr. Romney be excommunicated for what he is saying?

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No he wont be excommunicated for saying that…the LDS no longer accepts polygamy in **this life **but the afterlife is another story…
Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, in his book Mormon Doctrine, looked forward to the time when “the holy practice” of polygamy would be practiced once again. And if a faithful man’s wife dies and the man wants to remarry, he is sealed to "BOTH " women for time and eternity. :eek:



No doubt practiced while all concerned are consorting about wearing their ‘hole-y’ underwear! :whacky:

Mormon Doctrine #4: Eternal Progression: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


I realize some of the remarks here were a little insensitive but I have not seen a Mormon forum stop like this one ever. They don’t like this subject.


:stuck_out_tongue: No kidding! I just wish the mormons would at least try to listen and really think about what the church is telling them… To me they dont “hear” anything unless it comes from their prophet and he is always right. Its like they are not able to think for themselves.:banghead:


As Catholics we are taught that the Mass is reliving our Lord’s death and resurrection. Many Protestants cannot comprehend this mystery about our Faith.

Yet, many Protestants and Mormons (one is Christian the other is, well, you know…) are constantly reliving goofy errors of reason, rhetoric, logic and common sense. And that is the real mystery here!

Look at all the cults of personality America spawned during the early1800s! And the trend continues when people AS A CONGLOMERATE UNTHINKING MOB believe in a “personal interpretation” of translated ancient languages for a “personal savior” [in a relationship spoken about like a physical trainer or personality coach] and that God is speaking to them and NO ONE ELSE.

Even when we argue by analogy (Mormonism = Islam) the ‘true believers’ gloss right over our challenges and bring up the most tangental comment from days before (witness Zerinus’s sleight of brain postings!).

I must admit that by posting and reading others’ fine posts on almost every odd and usual thing under a Catholic sun, I have sharpened by repetition and by recall my ability to think clearer and discuss (verbally) my Faith and our God.

So as frustrated as some of these zombies intend to make us, we as a communion of saints are shoring up our understanding and enriching our desires to go out into the world (the command at the end of Mass) and live as Christ wants us to, and work to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven amongst us.

I enjoy your postings, Kristine, keep up the Faith!

Pax Christi


:slight_smile: This is what the President of the Mormon church (Hinckley) said in an interview with the SF Chronicle…
His question was …
Do Mormons believe that God was once a man?

“I wouldn’t say that. … That gets into some pretty deep theology that we don’t know very much about.”:banghead:

But this is actually what they teach::

The first principle of the Gospel is to know for certain the character of God and to also know…that he was once a MAN like us… ( teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 345-346, and History of the Church, vol. 6, 305-307



Start a new thread with this quote.

I mean it. Let’s roust out the badgers on these contradictions.

Too many times we let them change the direction of the OP and determine the discussion.

Mormon doctrine is full of non-Christian beliefs, it’s time we Christians (Catholics and Protestants) take them to task and follow Scripture on this: to teach and rebuke them for their errors.

Go for it

Pax Christi


then why do they still teach their doctrine of exaltation?


Maybe what all these who’d-a-thunk-it, far-out religions show us is the need in the human heart for something to believe in; a sense that what we see here can’t possibly be all there is.

So, do we get that feeling from the Grace of God, from the Holy Spirit tugging our hearts? or, John Wesley’s prevenient grace?


The Church doesn’t officially “teach” the doctrine but it’s still widely believed and it is discussed at priesthood meetings, gospel doctrine classes, etc. That’s because the doctrine of “eternal progression” is taught, is alive and well and the question must be asked of LDS what are they “progressing” to if the notion that they will not become Gods is not taught?

Most of my family are LDS as well as are most of my associates at work, and there is no doubt that the “God was once a man” doctrine is believed. It is a natural logical development of the doctrine of eternal progression.


I would say that the fact that that exact quote “god was once a man” from Joseph Smiths address to the LDS general conference is in the CURRENT lesson manuals posted on the LDS official website is evidence that it is officially doctrine still today.


Is it possible for a Mormon to know which doctrine will stay and which one will be canned? Apparently Polygamy was a doctrine but now it isn’t “needed.” What if the current “Apostle” or whoever it is, says he has a “revelation” that God’s name is Gilbert, and that other doctrines on God’s nature aren’t needed anymore.

Do any Mormons see a problem with such manipulation? Any doctrine can be changed at will. It just takes a new “revelation.” This seems very dangerous, to me at least.:frowning:

In Pax Christi

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