Mormons here at this place?

I know that Mormon apologists post many things over on their MADB (Mormon Apologetics Discussion Board). And critics of the Mormon faith post many things on the MDB (Mormon Discussion Board). And a whole host of other discussion boards for Mormons who go to church but not believe NOM, don’t believe anymore POSTMO, and others.

But what types of Mormons come here to the Catholic forums?

Maybe you should create a Poll, or try be more specific in your question. What you asked is completely open ended

Welcome. Only the most stubborn. We have Zerinus, mfbukowsky, dianaiad, flyonthewall, Parker, Pahoran and Todd. They all believe in different things, when cornered. Zerinus is probably the most conservative. Parker somehow manages to be able to preach Christianity while remaining LDS. Pahoran has just returned from a vacation, so it is hard to tell what he will come up with down the road. Dianaiad ranges between board flamer to a very sweet lady. Esdra provides a humorous counterpoint, having CoC leanings.

If I know you from another board, we should have a lot of fun.

We have one poster who is in the process of converting to Catholicism, who retains his old name, Sunstone.

I have been on all of the various Mormon boards, but hate the very one-sided view point that each gives. MADB is very restrictive. Apologists are tortured and beaten at MDB. The NOM’s just think differently. The POSTMO’s and EXMO’s are just plain angry.

As my name states, I am here to seek wisdom.

Well, this is a good place to learn about Catholic and Protestant beliefs.
It’s also a good place to answer both legitimate and malicious questions on LDS beliefs

I think LDS hear about this board from other boards and come here to defend their “religion.”

I would not consider myself an apologist, I don’t have the educational background.
I came here for a couple of reasons

  1. to better understand the Catholic faith - all I know is what is portrayed on TV and movies.
  2. to answer question about my faith that others may have, and clear up (try to anyway) misconceptions.

…and posts like this are precisely why we need to show up. :wink:

Every single one of us, Catholic, Protestant, LDS and anybody else, “believe[s] in different things, when cornered,” LJ…

Thanks for the compliment, btw. :wink: Don’t know about the ‘sweet lady,’ part, though.



Diana, sometimes I wonder about you. :smiley:

Me too, LJ, me too.

There is only one type of Mormon.

What about Peanut(Pope)Bono? What happend to him? :shrug:

He got himself banned. If you remember why me, he did, too.

We’ve only been casually conversating, but now that “The Gangs all here” we’ve decided on an all out “door to door” evangalistic movement to convert. :wink:

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