Mormons Holding the Keys Of Heaven?

I have a questions pertaining to the keys of heaven and Joseph Smith.

It is accurate to assume that the Mormon faith believes that the keys of Heaven were passed to Joseph Smith? If so, did he specify who they were to be handed to when he died? If not, what do they say happened to the keys of Heaven?

The " Keys " to Heaven were given to St. Peter and to no one else. What kind of propaganda have you been watching? Read your Catechism.


Smith taught that the keys of the Aaronic priesthood were passed on to him by John the Baptist

And that the keys of the Melchizedek by Peter James and John

And that the keys have been passed on to all priesthood holders, with the “prophet” the only one who can excersice them all…

The key here being that Smith taught it, not Christ, nor any other viable or worthwhile authority, just Joseph Smith…

I could say that the Keys of heaven have passed on to me, and I’d have about the same standing in saying so as Joseph Smith… possibly more because I’m Catholic… but probably not… Basically though, he was a nutter and convicted con-man, and you shouldn’t really take anything he said seriously.

Just answering the question of the OP.

Let’s for 1 minute consider what you are proposing.

So who had the keys originally? From scripture we know it was St. Peter.
He is obviously dead.

we have 2 possible scenarios.

1.- He took the keys with him back to Heaven
2.- He passed them on to his successor.

So per your question… HOW would mr. Smith get ahold of the keys?

Did he get them by succession? :rolleyes: apparently not.
So he could only get them from Heaven.
So when St. Peter was given the Keys we have witnesses present and we also have written record of this being so.

Matthew 16:19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound, even in heaven. And whatever you shall release on earth shall be released, even in heaven.”
16:20 **Then he instructed his disciples that they should tell no one that he is Jesus the Christ. **

Do we have any evidence from mr. Smith side?
Don’t think so.

Further if St. Peter had taken the keys back to Heaven, Jesus’s Church was left to it’s own devices for 1700 years. Hardly a wise thing to do for someone who promised to be with His Church untill the end of the Universe.
The keys are “Authority” If St. Peter took them with him he left a Church with NO authority. :rolleyes: Preposterous!

Peace. :thumbsup:

Whoa, easy! I teach catechism so I know it pretty well. I am asking about the Mormon belief of where the keys now reside and if they were passed down. I am trying to refute a Mormon with whom I am having lunch with today and want to be sure I understand THEIR position before we discuss. As a rule I typically try to understand first and then I try to be understood.

I’m not sure if you meant it this way, but your post came off to me as condescending.

Thank you. This was what I was looking for, the LDS position on the keys and where they believe they currently reside.

I don’t want to argue the merits of the argument because as Catholics, we all know who was given the keys and where they currently reside.

Read the question people. I know where the keys are, I want to know what the Mormon’s teach so I can better refute an argument at lunch today! SMH why people can’t read the thread and just answer the question.

You are welcome.

FYI, upon the death of the “prophet” the Quroum of 12 then hold them as a Quroum…soemthing like that, until the next prophet (who is always the apostle with the most senority) is sustained and set apart…

Okay, with that in mind is it safe to assume that the keys were not handed to Brigham Young and that Joseph Smith did not, before he died, specifically name a successor?

So the questions then become
“How did John the Baptist acquire these Aaronic priesthood keys?”
“Where in Scripture can we find them?”

Keys of Melchizedek? wow! my my that’s quite a lot of keys, :smiley: Mr. Smith must have been given a Keychain to keep them all.
I guess Heaven has more than 1 gate. :rolleyes:

Peace :thumbsup:

There’s a link here which seems to affirm the heresy you’re talking about.

Apparently Smith claimed that in 1829 he and one Oliver Cowdrey had a visit from John the Baptist. And in the same year he was supposed to have met Peter, James and John.

Subsequent to this the “Mormon high priests possessed the authority to bestow salvation” (Quote from “One Nation Under Gods” by Richard Abanes, “Chapter 5 - People of Zion”).

So they seem to believe it, and it’s based on nothing more than a couple of lies by a master con-man. To have so much charisma that he could keep this nonsense going for so long, and even sleep with other mens’ wives within his own movement, the devil must have had a very good grip on him. That’s where the Austrian Corporal, Adolf Hitler, got his charisma, and so did Smith.

If there’s one man we won’t be waiting on at the Pearly Gates, it’s Joseph Smith Jr. I don’t think I’d like to be in his shoes.

Yes they were, in Mormons view. Young was the senior most apostle, so he held all the keys as well…

Joseph Smith said that early on the Church which Christ established fell quickly into
apostasy and that the Keys were lost. This is very contrary to the Gospels which said
that the Gates of Hell shall never prevail against it (Yes protestants, the Catholic Church).

He then reclaimed it of course, and he did say that his eldest son, Joseph Smith III,
but he was just a boy when Joseph Smith Jr died, so Brigham Young took over, while
Joseph’s wife Emma and her son Joseph III ran away in fear of Brigham Young, later to
start the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS).

Marie is correct. Here is a link with additional information on the “visitations” of John the Baptist and Peter, James and John to Joseph Smith.

Joseph also claimed to have received additional priesthood “keys” from Moses, Elias and Elijah. Moses passed on the keys for the “gathering of Israel” and Elijah passed on the “sealing” keys which are the basis for the Mormon doctrine of eternal marriage and polygamy. I don’t recall which keys Elias restored, but it doesn’t matter since Joseph Smith forgot that Elias and Elijah are the same person.

Joseph passed on all his priesthood “keys” to his apostles before he was killed, so he left the keys behind. There was a power struggle after his death and there were several splinter groups. Brigham Young was smart in that he took his group to Utah where they were geographically isolated and he could build up is theocratic empire.

All 15 (first presidency and apostles) have all the “priesthood keys”; however only one (the prophet/president) has the authority to exercise all of them.

Under Mormon logic, Joseph Smith was smarter than Peter because he passed on the priesthood keys before he died and Peter didn’t. Peter was no fool and Jesus left His church in good hands. The Mormon idea of an apostacy is false.

Hope this helps for your conversation!

Well to be clear, Mormons do not believe that the keys are passed on to all priesthood holders (i.e. all ordained to the priesthood). Keys are only given to those in some authoritative position that directs the use of the priesthood. For example, when I was Elders Quorum President, I received keys when I was set apart. So does the Bishop, Stake President, etc. Our counselors did not receive keys when they were/are set apart, and when you’re ordained an Elder, High Priest, etc, you do not receive keys.

There was a succession crisis at Smith’s death. The Utah Mormons (LDS, “Brighamites”) believe Young was given the keys.

However, Smith anointed his son Joseph Smith III, more than once, as his successor. At the time of Smith’s murder, the boy was too young to lead. There were several claims to the position, and other Mormon groups do not believe Young was the rightful successor. Mormons at the time of this crisis followed the person who they believed was the successor.

Interesting enough, Emma Smith followed none of the claimants, until one of the groups (Strangites) came to JS III, when he was old enough to lead. Asking him to lead, at which point, Emma joined that group of Mormons. (Once called Reorganized LDS, now called Community of Christ.)

Smith also anointed his brother Hyrum, as his successor, but Hyrum was murdered at the same time/place as Joseph.

I know, I wasn’t attacking your statement, I was agreeing with it and expanding on it ^^

Do they use a specific rite to pass that kind of keys?

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