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For Mormons… if exaltation, the highest glory we can obtain, requires a physical body, why has the Holy Ghost been deprived of this honor? And if the Holy Ghost is not an exalted man, why is he part of the “Godhead” with the Heavenly Father and Jesus, both of whom have physical bodies?

I’m not a Mormon, but I’ve studied them. According to Mormons the Holy Spirit is not a child of God the Father, he is just a Spirit created by God the Father to be apart of the “Godhead” and to comfort humans.

They have cultish beliefs so, shouldn’t be surprised they believe in multiple gods instead of one. :confused:

What I don’t understand is why the LDS even use the term “Holy GHOST”. I think that other than a few Pentecostals, they are the only ones who still use that term.

Do you have any sources, confirming the claims that they believe in multiple Gods?

I think you need to check your sources for study. This is the second time you have been factually incorrect that I have seen today.

According to Mormons, the Holy Ghost is a spirit, yes, but the child of God in EXACTLY the same way all the rest of us are His children. Jesus also was ‘only’ a spirit before He became the Only Begotten Son of God, through Mary, and gained a physical body. However, Jesus was still the second Person in the Godhead, “only” a spirit or not.

I would humbly request that, if you are going to accuse us of having ‘cultish beliefs,’ you at least get the beliefs right.

But let’s take a look at what a polytheist religion is, OK?

Polytheists believe in multiple gods, each god, generally, having responsibility for a specific area of life: one guards travelers, for instance, (Mercury…or Hermes)one guards the hearth and home, (like Hestia or Brigid) or another is in charge of animals, (say…Curnunnos) another specifically for athletes,(Hermes, again) yet others guard and guide those in specific careers: barbers,(Ninkamanna) beekeepers,(Melisseus) blacksmiths (Hephaestus)…and the believers pray to these deities for help in those areas. Miracles are attributed to them. Candles are lit at their altars, and offerings are made to them. Over all these minor deities is, generally, one major, over-riding deity who is in charge of all, though most of the time the believers choose to concentrate on the minor deities, having their figures in their homes and ‘contacting’ the major God through interaction with the minor ones.

Mormons have no such minor deities. We pray to one God, and one God only. Ever. That makes us, at most, henotheists.

Mind you, it doesn’t really matter what anybody else calls us, or what classification others put us in, if we happen to be RIGHT, does it?

You believe in the blasphemous doctrine that God the Father was a man created by his own god, and that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were created. That is one of this biggest heretical doctrines ever! It just blasphemes God! Saying God the Father was created, saying God the Son was created, saying God the Holy Spirit was created… BLASPHEMEY!!! You say we Jesus had three wives? BLASPHEMEY! You’re not Christian, not even close! Your prophet was false! He was false!!! Joseph Smith was not a prophet! LDS are false!!!

Saying there are other god’s is against the Bible!

Isaiah 43:10-11 … “Before Me there was no God formed, there will be none after Me.”

Isaiah 44:6 … “there is no God besides Me”

Isaiah 44:8 … “Is there any God besides Me … I know of none.’”

Isaiah 45:5 … “I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God

You are blasphemers and heretics!!! You’re not even close to Christian!

You have the absolute right to your own opinion and beliefs about this.

You do not have the right to your own facts (wait, who said that?)

We do not believe that Jesus had three wives. We don’t know if He had even ONE wife, though there’s nothing in our doctrine that prohibits Him from having been married, just as there is nothing in our doctrine that prohibits His mother from having other children. We do not believe that either Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost were ‘created’ in the definition you seem to have for that term.

However, you’ll have to define what you mean by ‘created’ before I can be certain of that.

Again, your source of information about what Mormons believe seems to be, er, lacking in accuracy.

Objectively speaking, from a Catholic perspective, many Mormon beliefs are indeed heretical, but please show charity in discussions with members of other faiths. I think the old saying “you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” applies to evangelism / ecumenical dialogue as much as it does to anything else…

No, you have just been deceived by your false church leaders!!!

I see.

Another case of the critic telling me what I ‘really’ believe, and attacking the strawman.

Well, I don’t see how, or why, I should be expected to defend beliefs I don’t hold.

…and by the way, do NOT send me another private message. What you have to say to me regarding this issue is best said in public, where others can see the sort of verbiage you use and with which you represent your faith.

I have to say that when I was LDS this question perplexed me. If it is a requirement that we have a body to be exalted and become gods then how has the HS reached this state without one? I never received an answer.
Further to this, how do the gods and goddesses of flesh and bone bring forth spirit offspring who await in the pre-existance being born and receiving the said necessary bodies in order to start their own journey to godhood. How does that work?

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We don’t know.

But…Jesus was God before He received a body…and yet we believe (as did God the Father, evidently, since He DID send His Son) that one is required. After all, after Jesus died, He was resurrected, and there’s certainly no evidence anywhere that He lost that resurrected, perfected, body again.

So, for all of the universe’s history and creation, until just 2000 years ago, Jesus did not have a physical body. He managed just fine…and so, evidently, does the Holy Ghost. It’s just not His time yet. We do believe that He will get one.

As to the spiritual offspring… why not? Isn’t God omnipotent? However He did it, we believe that He did, indeed, do it.

Thanks Diana, do you mind if I research this a bit more before I reply?

Please do!

Once again, why is it that Mormons, LDS people insist on using the term Holy GHOST? Is it because of the semi King James style English that the BOM is in?

Mormons and a hand full of Pentecostals are the only ones left that continue to use the term “ghost”, and the same Pentecostals also insist on the KJV as the only bible they will use.

Possibly. Why not? We all know Who He is.

The KJV is the ‘official’ bible of the LDS…because that’s the one with all the cross referencing. There’s no official demand that we use anything else. Can’t be, because we do exist in so many other nations and have the scriptures in so many other languages.

I’m told that the very best one is the German translation. Unfortunately, I don’t speak German so I’m stuck with the KJV, which I love because of the poetry. If I have a question or am confused about something, though, I will go to another good translation. Strongs, perhaps.

It’s hard to know which one to use, because some of 'em are really, REALLY bad. The 'Good News" bible, for instance…and what is the name of the one that is written in rap or something like that?

I have even (gasp) gone to the Duay from time to time. :wink:

So do you have the Mormon edition of the King James or just the King James?



It’s the King James Version. The same King James Version everybody else who uses the King James Version uses.

there is no “Mormon” version of the KJV.

There IS a study guide and some great cross referencing,but those are separate. The KJV is still the KJV right down to the goofs in it, like the Johanine comma.

Correction (because I caught this too late to edit it). the word ‘anything,’ In the sentence “There is no official demand that we use anything else,” should read: 'There is no official demand that we use nothing else." I hope that it makes more sense that way. :wink:

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