Mormons: I feel so bad for you

I never thought I would post this to you all. But you are being deceived by a false prophet. Fight me all you want, but I know and can feel it now. Whenever I try to help Mormons understand my beliefs and show them Bible references they shut down and change the subject or say they will not talk to me anymore.

Sure some may say it is planting a seed. I just wish you all could open your eyes to truth. You are being deceived and it hurts to think my friend is still being deceived every day. I know you think your church is true. I don’t know what to even say. It is just sad…

All I talked about was families being together forever and the Trinity

Isn’t their prophet…Jesus?

(The irony is…I think they would say the same, above, to you. I guess a lot of people feel that way about people who follow religions that are different from their own).

Nope current Prophet is Thomas S. Monson

Perhaps they do feel the same way about me. But it does not change how I feel.

Their original prophet is Joseph Smith.

A good mormon is certainly better than a bad catholic. As a Catholic I do not think we have a start on any other beliefs. I think it is time we began to treat other beliefs and religions with respect and a modicum of intelligence.

That is where I disagree. We do not treat false religions with any respect. We treat the “people” within these religions with respect and dignity that they deserve for being our brothers and sisters in this world and in this life. I’m not saying we should approach other religions with the fire and brimstone personas of condemnation more commonly found in the baptist church I used to attend prior to my conversion, but at the same time I’d argue against treating other religions (the religion itself) as being equal or on par. There is only one true religion. Christ only created One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. When we fail to stress the importance Christ places on this, then we fail to sway anybody from staying within their beliefs. How can you evangelize anyone and bring them to the Church where they might validly receive Christ in Communion when we tell our protestant brothers and sisters that their church is just as good or “ok”. Anyone reading this, don’t take this as condemnation. As Catholics we all know the importance of the Holy Eucharist. I think it’s a crime that our protestant brothers and sisters are living without receiving the Lord directly. Should we not be challenging others on their faith. You won’t be able to open any eyes or ears to the Truth about heresies like sola scriptura or sola fide when you tell them that it’s ok for them to stay in their church. Christ wants us to be united. He calls us all to receive Him in Communion. That can only be done in the Catholic Church (Roman and Eastern) as well as our Orthodox family. I think that is most unfortunate.

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