Mormons move temple location to show respect for Catholics

I think that the lds church should get some applause for this. But to be truthful, I do think that Honduras may have stretched the reason too far.

I don’t think so. The temple would have blocked the view of one of the city’s landmarks. It was kind of stupid to decide to build the temple in such a way that it would block this landmark in the beginning. The city wasn’t going to allow it to be built anyway from what I’ve read.

The first paragraph in English says:

The authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said on Wednesday that they wouldn’t build the gigantic temple in front of the Sanctuary of Suyapa in order to avoid conflict with the Catholic Church and because the city denied permission.

The Basilica of Suyapa is not just a landmark. It is home of the statue of Our Lady of Suyapa, patroness of Honduras and Cental America. The attempt to put an LDS temple there was an attempt at provocation. The Honduran Mormons knew what they were doing and should have expected a negative response from the local authorities.

As an aside, my in-laws live just a half mile up the road from the Basilica, so it is near and dear to my heart as well.:slight_smile:

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