Mormons: Praying for the dead?


I saw a show on tv last night on pbs about the mormons.

They believe in baptizing the dead.

i was wondering if they also believe in praying for the dead.

  1. do they pray for the dead?

  2. What is their relationship with their relatives who have passed on? do they believe in praying for them?

  3. When they stand in the place for the dead at the baptism ritual, do they do any special prayers for them? do they think they are in purgatory?

  4. Where do they think the dead are hanging out if they haven’t been baptized yet and aren’t baptized?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this


I believe i know what TV show you are talking about.
1.They dont really pray for the dead cuz they are already in 1 of 3 heavens.
2. They believe in sealing their relatives so they can be with each other for eternity…forgetting the communion of Saints.
3. Yes they do have their own prayers. They do not believe in purgatory but 3 heavens and a hell that is for apostates.
4. If they havent been baptized then they go to “spirit prison.” Where they believe that a missionary will go and teach them the Mormon gospel. Then hopefully if they have accepted it, then someone on earth who baptizes in there name will release them from there.
If you need anything else write back.
God Bless

  1. As an institutionalized practice, Mormons don’t pray for the dead, although of course in their private worship many do–particularly for their own ancestors.

  2. Mormons study their family history and try to find the names of ancestors who were non-Mormons. They will take those names to the temple and perform proxy ordinances such as baptism, endowments, and marriage rituals. Many Mormons who do their genealogy pray to find their ancestors’ names and that they will accept Mormonism in the hereafter so that they can become exalted.

  3. The ritual of baptism for the dead is virtually identical to the ritual of baptism for the living: “Brother/Sister Last Name, by the power of the Aaronic Priesthood which I hold, I baptize you for and in behalf of First Name_ Last Name_, who is dead–in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so my wording may be a bit off)

  4. The dead all live in the spirit world, divided into two parts: Paradise and Spirit Prison. Paradise is for dead Mormons or people who have accepted Mormonism and had a proxy baptism performed for them in the temple. Spirit Prison is for those who have either rejected Mormonism, or who have accepted it but have not had their proxy ordinances performed yet.

Spirit Prison is somewhat similar in ways to Purgatory, but there are important distinctions.

At the end of the world, after the Millenium of Jesus’ reign on Earth, and the final spiritual battle between the people of God and Satan and his angels, is Judgment Day. This is the day when all will come to be judged according to their works and be assigned one of the three degrees of glory (heavens): Celestial, Terrestial, and Telestial. Apostates will be banished to Outer Darkness, along with Satan and his angels.

I have known some Mormons to pray to their dead ancestors (much like Catholics pray for the intercession of Saints) or who regard them as sort of “guardian angels,” but that is far from an orthodox position, so don’t quote me on this.


I have known some Mormons to pray to their dead ancestors (much like Catholics pray for the intercession of Saints) or who regard them as sort of “guardian angels,” but that is far from an orthodox position, so don’t quote me on this.

I happen to date a young beautiful Mormon girl. Another reason why I have learned what they believe in. I have read the book called Inside Mormonism by Isaiah Bennet who was Catholic, became Mormom then back to Catholicism.You should read it.


Why should I read it? I have more knowledge and experience of Mormonism than Isaiah Bennet. He sounds very unreliable anyway.


I’m on-and-off reading Isaiah Bennet’s book right now, along with a couple of others. One of them is Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman. This is a fascinating and very detailed and well-attested telling of the Mormon story up until Jr’s death in 1844. It got good reviews as history from major reviewers.

I thought Bennet’s book was going to have a lot more personal testimony in it, but it appears to me to be more about the details of the Mormon religion, and how to argue against it. As such, it is probably not that reliable, especially since Bennet who was a Catholic priest at the time of his apostasy can only be considered unreliable. Still, his story is worthwhile, and the book is well put together.


Bushman’s book is pretty good, but I still can’t stand how dishonest he is intellectually with himself. Bushman knows that Joseph Smith was a liar and a swindler, even regarding faith and morals. Yet he believes because he gets warm-n-fuzzy feelings inside when he participates in the Mormon cult.

Of course, I would never trust something written by Bennet. He proved himself unreliable and unfaithful to the Catholic Church. He either didn’t ever understand the Church or he willfully rejected it–neither of which is acceptable, especially for a priest.


I agree. The amount of detail in his book is impressive, but it seems he did all his research AFTER he quit the priesthood and became a Mormon. He does admit to certain personality flaw that made it more likely for him to fall for the scam. To me, the same flaw also makes him a poor candidate for priesthood.

In his recounting of the process, he implies that his marriage occurred immediately after he left the priesthood. When me and the fiance read this part, we immediately looked at each other and said, uh huh, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

But, I’ve only picked at the book so far. It doesn’t lend itself to reading from front to back. More like a reference book for witnessing to Mormons, seems to me.


I agree with all of you. It’s sad that he went through all that junk. ESPECIALLY when I read he left the priesthood. I was like hmmm. But at least I can defend myself somewhat from my Mormon friends.:slight_smile:


Yeah, well hopefully they really are friends. I had a lot of “friends” when I was involved with the Mormons, but they all turned very nasty when I decided it wasn’t for me. Hopefully they’ll still be your friends even when they realize you’ll always be a Catholic :slight_smile:


hahaha. Always will be a Catholic. No worry there. I happen to be dating a Mormon girl. Another reason why I’ve been reading alot. I would appreciate it if everyone would pray for me. Also if it is God’s will she will convert. :smiley:


I will pray for you sanblasboy13, and your girlfriend.

May God bless you both as you seek His will for you.

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