Mormons quit church in mass resignation ceremony

(Reuters) - A group of about 150 Mormons quit their church in a mass resignation ceremony in Salt Lake City on Saturday in a rare display of defiance ending decades of disagreement for some over issues ranging from polygamy to gay marriage.

Participants from Utah, Arizona, Idaho and elsewhere gathered in a public park to sign a “Declaration of Independence from Mormonism.”


I’m not a Mormon, but if these people are upset about the views on gay marriage, so be it. On the other hand, Mormons have been very lax at prosecuting polygamy (afraid of their image I think) although polygamist aren’t part of the Mormon Church, they once were.

I only hope that the Mormons continue to oppose gay marriage and encourage marriage between a man and a woman, and don’t cave in to the culture.

There is much more to it than gay marriage and polygamy.

Many people believe the church has not been truthful in many aspects relating to their church’s history, as well as Smith’s history.

All one has to do is check some of the threads here at CAF to see a wide variety of things that have caused mormons to leave their church.

I believe this is just going to be the tip of the iceburg for them. The internet has opened up a whole new world for them. It is much harder for them to hide certain aspects of their beliefs, practices and history

There has also been a rather large shakeup within the mormon apologetic community, and couple that with the mormon church building a multi-billion dollar mall in downtown SLC, people are just getting fed up.


The reason the LDS church doesn’t oppose polygamy as strongly as you think it would is because they’ve never fully abandoned it. The Manifesto simply stated that Mormons should follow the law of the land. It is still hoped that in an ideal and “ready” society, polygamy will be legal and practiced.

This is also in the article…Married in a Mormon temple, Fielding said the couples shared disaffection from their faith is tied in part to their local church leader’s response to questions Fielding had about polyandry and polygamy - taking multiple husbands and wives - in the early church.

“I went to him looking for a faithful perspective. He called my wife and told her she needed to find a new husband,” Fielding said.

He said he felt relief after his decision.

I mean…why would you advise a church faithful to find a new husband? :eek:

I have seen threads on that very subject here at CAF.

The only difference being, these people were talking to their local bishop in today’s world, and not in the day of Fieldings.

It is amazing how they follow another individuals lead without it being official doctrine.

I believe the the whole thing with what is, or isn’t official mormon doctrine is another BIG stumbling block for so many. We see many varied opinions on what is doctrine just from various mormon posters over the years.

I pray for them ALOT

Here is another interesting article about decline in the mormon church.

It is from January 2012, so I am definitely seeing a trend.

Read here

(fixed link)

Rose if you will actually read the Reuters article, dissagreing with the Mormon anti homosexual stance is only one of a number of things these people don’t like, not even close to number one.

If I had to chose between being a mormon or a chaste man with SSA I would not choose to be mormon.

why do i always hear about how fast Mormonism is spreading if this is the case?
i know they send missionaries all over the world. i have not heard of a trend of Mormons wanting to leave Mormonism before. i myself do not want to be a Mormon, but i live in the southwest near Utah and am around many Mormon families and they all seem happy to be Mormon. has there been something that has happened in the past 5 years to make Mormons question their faith?


Even after they issued their manifesto, several prominent mormon leaders entered into polygamous marriages, but yet, lied or kept it hidden from gov’t officials.

One more thing that the everyday mormon is finding out thanks to the internet.

It can cause great turmoil when they hear from the church officials that polygamy was stopped, then they find out on the net that some leaders kept going with it. It makes them think…what else are they hiding?

Like I said, I think we are only seeing the tip of this iceburg.

Mormonism is very much a revolving door religion, not sure of the statistics but a large number of people mormonism claims as members quickly leave.

They are counted as mormons becuase most people after leaving don’t go through the motions of having their names removed from the mormon records. They just go to other churches and often become atheists even.

It is very difficult having your name removed from mormon memebership records, just leaving does not mean they remove your name. So the numbers are highly inflated.

You can get your name removed in two ways. Either request a bishops court to excomunicate you which tends to be rough and humiliating. You can also ask they take your name off the records, which can literally take years. Some have even had to sue.

I was a mormon for a few short months, once I found out about the “good stuff”, like many “gods”, humans becoming “gods”, Gods wives.

But I never was excommunicated or went through the hassel of having my name rermoved, and so they still consider me a member.

For a Mormon to opt out here in Utah, it is like being Amish or a Jehovah’s witness because they will be shunned not only by their family but by their associates, so it anyone does resign from the Church (and believe me from what I hear it is hard) you may expect the breakup of your family. If you are a professional, you probably won’t be welcomed by your associates in whatever profession you are with. I think there are a lot of “jack Mormons” living here, that is Mormon by name by not practicing their faith or believing in it.

There have been a lot of the LGBT community protesting against the LDS church, especially since the were against proposition 8 in California, so I still believe that at least some of the people dropping out is for this reason.

Polygamy may be prosecuted more with Romney’s nomination, but there are so many scattered around the state and others it will probably be futile. These women and children have been completely brainwashed since infancy and it can be truly called a cult.

The guilt lies in the LDS church, and there have long been rumors of their leaders indulging in the same behavior.

Perhaps there will be a few “revelations” in the future about some of these things since Romney will be nominated. I can’t picture him at Presidential state dinners or in other countries such as France spurning wine or coffee for that matter.

By the way, their leader Brigham Young when he brought his followers into Salt Lake did indulge in liquor. It was only later in the “Book of Wisdom” that it was shunned.

Just one of the hypocritical teachings of their Church. Even after 40 years year, it has been a culture shock.

In regards to some individual Mormons in leadership involving themselves in same behaviors as their predecessors, I have a few clients and employers in the home health field who told me about widows having Mormon men neighbors coming to their doors to ‘comfort’ them.

I have a beautiful friend,…a literal Barbie doll, who said the men in SLC were the most fresh and aggressive towards her, a married woman who is very faithful to her husband.

There is too much emphasis on sexuality in Mormonism and an even condescending view towards celibacy from Mormon evangelizers who come to CAF.

Normally, I’d be happy if Mormon members quite their church.

In this case - my impression is these members quit because they didn’t want to submit to Mormon teaching on same-sex marriage.

It would be better that they quit because they found a closer relationship with God.

One thing we have in common is that both oppose abortion.

But the mormon reason is completely different. Mormons want to provide mormon familes for the babies in the “pre-existence”.

Almost a commonality. Mormonism allows abortion for rape, the fetus is tested as non-viable, and the health of the mother.

I think if you asked all of those resigning on that occasion you would get a number of unique answers. The event was “sponsored” by John and Zilpha Larsen, who produce the Mormon Expression podcast. If you look at the subject of those podcasts they are varied. This is because Mormonism is an extremely broad and therefore the objections are broad accordingly.

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