Mormons take on Marie Osmonds wedding

If she was considered married to her first husband, what happened to the second marriage.

And how could the second marriage happen? I am very confused on this.

Is this regular practice of your faith?:confused:

Donny said the first marriage was sealed by God, then who unsealed it, and then resealed it again?:shrug:

All I know about her is that she’s a little bit country.

No, that’s Donnie.

The Mormon’s follow laws different from the Church’s and other christian denominations.You would have to ask Donnie.

My mother remarried and i saw her go through this process. In the Mormon faith someone is sealed to their spouse in the Temple. Now if something does happen (in the case of my mother) such as adultry, etc and divorce is the outcome, one of the parties who was in the marriage can write a formal petition to Salt Lake City to dissolve the seal. Now when my mother got remarried she didn’t get sealed again. She is planning on doing that soon. So I am not sure how long the dissolving of the previous seal takes but I remember writing out that formal petition.

maybe her second marriage was a ‘celestial’ marriage?

After Marie’s first marriage ended in divorce, she had her sealing to Stephen “cancelled” or dissolved.

When she married Brian she was sealed to him. After that divorce I expect that sealing was also cancelled.

Im guessing she and Stephen have not only been remarried but resealed.

In the LDS faith, being married is seen more of a civil action, being sealed is more of an ecclesial act…they are not seen as the same thing.

I have always really liked Marie Osmond and wish her well… it is very good to see a person reunite with their original spouse. I see her as a ‘girlfriend’.

Also keep in mind that in keeping in line with the Mormon doctrine of polygamy*, a Mormon woman can only be sealed to one man, a man can be sealed to multiple women (no limit).

*polygamy is not practiced by the LDS Church, of which Marie Osmond is a member, but the doctrinal theology behind the practice of polygamy remains in how they practice their temple marriages.

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