Mormons to build 32 story bldg in Philadelphia

Here is an article about a new skyscraper going up in Philadelphia:

A key line in the story.

“A scholar who has studied modern Mormonism characterized the plan as part of the church’s effort to expand its presence in inner-city areas.”

I find it interesting as a church they have a forward moving plan rather than trying to sustain the current status quo, or more aaccurately stemming the tide of decline, of most mainstream Christian organizations. I think we could learn from ther more “ground level faith formation” techniques.

As a child I remember visiting the newly built Temple in Washington DC during the public viewing period.

Thanks for posting.

Multiple apartment and condo buildings are owned by the LDS Church in Salt Lake City. There are no public church services of any kind in these buildings, so, I don’t know what presence they are bringing by building apartments and condos? They are real estate ventures, that’s all.

More likely a response to criticism, from building their $2 billion mall, condo and apartment complex in Salt Lake City. They claim it is to keep the area of the city around their temple “beautiful”, and so of course the obvious outcry was, “Why only in Utah?”

If the LDS church really is trying “to expand its presence in inner-city areas”, where is the soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc? I doubt the LDS church will be helping the poor by providing subsidized housing in the condos.

No, the condos in SLC are million+ dollars each. Those are the ones with a view of the Mormon temple. Apartments that face away from their temple are priced comparable to the rest of the city.

In another thread about Mormonism on these forums, many members alleged that the Mormon Church is highly tied to business. (which, that is probably factually verifiable). But they also said that this is a huge incentive for people to stay in the Mormon faith IE: they know that Mormonism is false, but they’re in it for the money.

If you read about people leaving Mormonism, especially in Utah, its ridiculous how much undue influence they have in people’s lives. That’s why most people who leave become atheists, unfortunately, bc their experience with religion is very very bad bc of how coercive the Mormons are.

Probably “in it for the money” is not how they see it themselves. I do know people who feared leaving, as business owners, because business for Utah Mormons is tightly knit, and NOT being Mormon destroys business contacts and you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours deals.

If you are a business owner and get in with the LDS Church, i.e., doing contract work for them. You’ve got it made! But they exclusively go with LDS members who are business people.

All their business intrests must be what keep them (the Mormon “church”) afloat. Rented space in that building will be quite the cash-flow…

Some day, I hope what happened with the Crystal Cathedral in California happens in Salt Lake City; and the Mormons and up selling that temple to the Catholic Church. Could you imagine…? :smiley:

PS: I’m sure there will be alot of Catholic construction workers making some good money building that building. Thanks for the jobs, guys!

Here is a Bloomberg Businessweek article from 2012 about the LDS church and its businesses.

*Philadelphia construction workers toiling away on a new Mormon temple had to agree to an unusual set of requirements — no smoking, swearing or coffee allowed.

“The reason is because it’s holy ground,” Steffanie Anderson, assistant regional director of LDS public affairs, told “We dedicated it a couple years ago.”

The Utah-based faith wanted to give preference to “union-affiliated Mormon workers in the Philadelphia region, but none could be found.”*

So yeah, there will be a lot of Catholic workers!

I’m sure they will ALL do as they’re told, too. :rolleyes:

It’s ugly! I don’t like the look of it.


Philadelphia construction workers toiling away on a new Mormon temple had to agree to an unusual set of requirements — no smoking, swearing or coffee allowed.

Personally, I would want construction workers on my building to have as much coffee as they need to be alert and get the job done right. :smiley:

interesting. Once floor for every version of the first vision…

I’m a construction worker who’s laid off at the moment due to the disgusting weather we’ve been having, so I think I have an interesting take on the coffee part of it.

New construction has a unique set of conditions that workers have to deal with. There will be 32 floors; but there will be no functional bathrooms until shortly before the building is “turned over” to the client/owner.

The general contractor provides outhouses (sometimes referred to as “porta-potties”, or “blue lagoons”) for the workers to do their business in.

HOWEVER, nobody ever provides these for every floor. Maybe every third floor at the most; because the outhouses have to be rented, and the company that owns them comes a few times a week to clean and empty them. That takes time and money. Money to rent them, and more money to clean them.

What also takes time and money is leaving your work area to go to the bathroom when the bathroom is three stories away. You can wait for the construction hoist (a temporary elevator on the exterior of the building to move men and materials) to take you to the right floor (depending on how busy the operator of the hoist is, that could be a while); OR you can take the stairs (that can take a while, too).

That is lost time, lost productivity, and if the bathroom is far; that can cause discomfort for the worker too.

That’s why I NEVER drink coffee at work; because coffee is one of those things that just makes you have to “go”.

Of course, I would never tell ANYONE what they can’t drink at work (booze excepted, of course); but in MY opinion, coffee may wake you up and keep you going… but coffee ‘keeps you going,’ too.

Maybe the Mormons see this as a cost-cutting measure, too?

Actually, the last two jobs I was on; no smoking, food, or drink (except water) was allowed inside the building. We had a break area set up on the property (a pretty nice little temp building was built there for us to eat in), but no food or smoking.

But coffee? Usually a bad idea. You may have to run for it if you have too much :eek:

I don’t know anything about this plan, other than what I’m reading in the cited article. A lawyer buddy of mine, with ties to Phili, opined about Philadelphia government politics: “Nice temple you’re planning there. It sure would be a shame if something horrible was to happen to your permit and approval process. By the way, you weren’t you planning to build any infrastructure in that vacant lot across the street now, were you?”

I really have no dog in this fight, no opinion one way or the other. Real estate deals provoke strong reactions from people - I’m content to just shrug and watch it go by.

…You mean shrug as your tithing money is used to erect a for-profit building? You naturally have a dog in this fight because you are a member of the LDS Church and it is the tithes of the LDS Church that have allowed structures like this to be erected.

Now, I would probably shrug and turn the other way if my church were selling expensive, luxury living spaces at the expense of it’s members too, but only because I wasn’t ready to face what it actually meant.

Personally, I couldn’t stand to be part of a Church that, from the TOP, sanctions and obviously approves of using Tithing money to build something that will only cater to the wealthy and privileged in life. These are the actions of a corporate entity, not an organization that claims to be building God’s kingdom on earth.

*"35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Needed Luxury Living, and ye provided it for me at a great profit to thineselves…"*

Hi SpeSalvi,

Could you cite your source that tithing money is being used here? I haven’t seen anything about the source of the funds. The LDS church does own various for-profit corporations totally unaffiliated with tithing money, I’m assuming one of those entities are involved here. Yes indeed, for-profit corporate entities perform actions of a corporate entity.

On a related tangent, can anyone point me to a good source on businesses owned by the Catholic church? All I can find on the internet are vague and unsourced talk of hospitals and colleges and bankruptcies, usually by outside sources.

There isn’t a one-shop owner of Catholic entities, as the LDS church is structured. You would need to look at individual dioceses,religious orders, parishes, etc. as, each run various organizations independently.

Catholic schools, universities and health care facilities are non-profit organizations.

The head in the sand approach…works well for a lot of members.

I’d reconsider though - given that the popular explanation for all the bad doctrine…errrr…“theories” from church leaders over the years is due to lack of knowledge, lack of inspiration, bad judgement, or pure speculation. Seems like these issues also might also impair their abilty to manage billions of dollars in assets.

Just a thought though. Like you, I just shrug my shoulders and say…hey, it’s your money, not mine.

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