Mormons welcome Catholic speakers

I’ll be heading to this event at my stake center. Thought I’d share it here:

The Colorado Springs [Mormon] multi-stake Public Affairs Council, in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese in Colorado Springs, has organized a forum to discuss the protection of our religious freedom. The keynote speaker will be Jennifer Kraska, Executive Director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, who works in Denver with state legislators. She will discuss past and current legislation that could impact our religious freedom.

If anyone shows interest in this thread, I’ll take notes and come back and let folks know how it went.

That is good to see. When it comes to issues of religious liberty, we all need to stick together. I hope the event goes well.

Great, thank you !! God Bless, Memaw

I like the idea of these two churches working together to protect religious freedoms. Looking forward to what was discussed at the meeting.

God’s blessings on the endevours.

I look thru out the world and how so many people, regardless of religious affiliation, are not only denied religious freedom, but suffer, truly suffer, from governments that seek to destroy the right to religious liberty from their citizenship. We, here in America, haven’t dont even know the true horrors, really horrors, of living in cultures like that.

We, as Americans, need to make sure we never even come close to loosing our religious freedom, regardless of the “isms” we identify with.


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