I just read part of a page that said Mormans believe that God has a 3 dimensional, physical body along with Jesus. We believe God is Spirit, right?

They are 3 different personages. Their god was once a man (flesh) and gained his godliness. Its very confusing.

Kim, OT hear for a sec.

Have you heard anything about a special session of general conference coming together later this month? (jan?)

Here is a link to help if you are interested.

Just wanted to point out that it’s MormOns, not MormAns. Sorry! Now back to our regular scheduled program. :smiley:

A Christian link to a Mormon Question :shrug:

One has to study the source, this may do the trick as this link is from a Mormon site? -

I would say this view is quite complicated, as it would be when man tries to define who God is!

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it depends on what lds teaching you believe. The lds teachings change more often than Bill Clinton changes mistresses.

js once taught that The Father was Spirit. js later taught that the Father was flesh and bones.

who knows what the lds church will teach in 5 years…no lds prophet is bound by the teachings of the past lds prophets

I would agree with TexanKnight that Mormon beliefs do change over time, it’s relative to time period, but I do want to point out that one doesn’t necessarily have to read a Mormon source in order to find out what Mormons believe. I already knew Mormons don’t believe in a all powerful, all knowing, all loving, immaterial, being but rather a deity that knows only past and present, not eternal, but created, and not transcendent (like the Christian God) but a being anthropomorphic(as in metaphysically dependent on creation). Also the RLDS holds different beliefs than the LDS church.

Sorry but this is not a Mormon website. It is run as a Protestant ministry geared toward the LDS.

That’s right, as the Mormon couplet goes:
“As man now is, God once was;
As God now is, man may be.”
– (Lorenzo Snow)

“Morwomans” believe it too! :smiley:

Yes, Mormons believe Heavenly Father has a glorified, physical body of flesh and bones. He doesn’t have blood but some other unknown substance flows through his veins. Green goo perhaps?

They believe in a godhead consisting of Heavenly Father (also referred to as God or Elohim), Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. They are three separate personages. HF and Jesus have physical bodies and the Holy Ghost has a body of spirit. Mormons believe spirit is a type of matter, which is more refined than the matter we are made of.

And yes, Judas, Morwomen believe it too despite their lot in eternity is not all that great!

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