Morning after pill confession


I have just remembered after aoming back to the faith a few months ago that before I did help someone obtain a morning after pill. I completely forgot about this. WIll I be excommunicated? do I need to confess this if I confessed to other sexual sin etc and can I recive the eucharist still?


You will be forgiven, not excommunicated.

And I do think you need to confess it now that you remember it. Maybe the Holy Spirit brought it to your mind?

Welcome Back to the Church! God Bless you.

It was covered with the other sins that you remembered and confessed, but it would be a good idea to mention it at your next Confession ("a sin that I forgot to confess before is … ") in order to receive specific reassurance of God’s forgiveness for that sin.

Welcome back to the Church! :slight_smile:

I think it was the holy spirit. Thank you for all your kind words. May God Bless you All!

Chris x

As jmcrae said, assuming you honestly forgot, and were not hiding it, and were truly repentant for your sins at your last confession, you were forgiven. That said, we are also told that should we remember a sin we forgot to confess, we should make a point to mention it at the next confession we go to, out of good habit and for the grace we can receive.

In some versions of how to confess, there is a line to be said at the end of your sins that begins to the effect of “for these and for all other sins which I have committed…”, or something to that effect, unfortunately all my books, including the 1962 missal which contains that explanation are in the hands of the USPS at the moment

I don’t think the morning after pill qualifies as an offense that can excommunicate someone.

If you honestly forgot about this sin and did not intentionally hide it, you are already forgiven for this sin. At your next confession, you may want to mention this out of sake of completeness, if you remember.


Hi and welcome; I would confess it and discuss it with your priest. This is a good oportunity to get direction from him. He may give you some ideas to repeat to the person if this comes up again as to what to say to the person. It has never happened to me, so not sure what I would say except no I can’t. I use the confession to help the priest know me better and Jesus know I am sincere. The spirit is working to soften your heart. But I would not go telling everyone what you did as that will lead to a lot of gossip. That is what is so great about confession it is personal and private.

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