Morning after pill dilemma


I had pre marital sex with a woman from my school with a condom and the condom broke. Not actually Knowing what the morning after pill was or did I suggested it and did a quick research on it finding an article saying it can ‘intercept’ a pregnancy if conception has not happened, so I bought the pill for her and gave them to her and went home. Feeling uneasy about the situation I immediately researched the Catholic view on the morning after pill and read the Vatican’s view on their website. I immediately contacted the woman and told her not to take the pill, but she had already taken it. How grave of a sin have I committed? I am very worried and uneasy.


You need to go to confession for the sex, condom, and plan B. Then you need to live a holy life and not sin anymore. Save sex for marriage. The other thing you should do is make sure you are educated better about your faith than your hormones.:rolleyes:

Stop sinning. Ash Wednesday should have a special meaning to you this year.


Take responsibility for your actions and stop looking for a way to get out of the apparent negative consequences of those actions. This can easily be avoided by not doing something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, i.e., fornicating. I agree with Hoosier Daddys advice.


The morning after Pill is an abortifacient, it is designed to prevent the implantation and thus kill a new human. The morning after pill causes an abortion, not the prevention of a pregnancy.

You have committed several very very serious sins, which may have possibly resulted in the taking of a life.

This is an incredibly serious situation, and I would say your soul is in extreme danger. You need to make an appointment with a priest and explain all of this to him.

You need to repent and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You need to forsake all of these sins, and live the good life of the Gospel. Go to confession with a repentant heart immediately.



Please go to confession. It may be difficult and embarrassing but you will feel the weight of sin lifted off you. The longer you wait to confess the harder it will be to find the courage to go. It is good to know that Satan can not hold our sins against us if we confess and are truly repentant. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will also give you graces to live a more chaste life in the future. I will pray that you make a good confession soon. God bless you.


I thought the pill was reversible?


Huh? :confused:


That’s what I said! But I heard something about it on Catholic Answers Radio. Maybe I misheard, but I didn’t think so.


It’s not a mortal sin if you we’re unaware that it was a sin.


You need to go to confession. Tell the priest exactly what you have said here. God bless.


The other posters have covered the immorality of Plan B

  1. Premarital sex - sin
  2. Contraception - sin
    (you already know this)

If you legitimately didn’t know the ramifications of the pill, not a sin as there must be knowledge but a willful disregard for God’s commands to be sin. I might add “Come on, how small is the closet your living in?”

Seriously, I was absolutely horrified to find out last year that my own 16 year old daughter didn’t know that contraception was a sin. What an absolute failure I felt as a parent. Only you know the truth about what you knew, but even with a lack of knowledge, I would still mention it to the priest.


How would it be reversible? Like some sort of antivenom you could take for a snakebite?

Do you know the chemical mechanism for the “morning after pill”

I suppose you could counter it but that would have to be done within hours if it were even possible at all.


I don’t know where you are getting your information

By “reversible” they mean that it can be stopped as a form of birth control. Not that it can be undone once you employ it. Irreversible methods would be like a hysterectomy.

It should make sense to you that the reversible methods are not reversible at one time. BUt rather that you can be on them and then reverse your decision later.

I honestly have no idea how you could think an abortifacient drug could be reversible. Outside of time travel.


I have no idea. But I remember them talking about it and apparently it’s new and yes it would have to be done quickly.

I already stated where I was getting my information and I never suggested it was accurate. I merely mentioned what I thought I heard on the program with the hopes someone would correct me or confirm it.

Thanks for being kind and explaining everything and providing a link. You are such a kind caring person : )


That is your first mortal sin and its downhill from there. Get to Confession as soon as possible.


You might be thinking of RU-486, which is a multi-step abortion pill regimen, and it may indeed be stopped. This is distinct from Plan-B.


This is technically correct though we are talking a matter of hours. Not to mention the idea that you are messing with hormones that directly affect the baby. Forget the debates about drinking hormone free milk in pregnancy or eating shellfish, or not taking prenatal vitamins.

I often wonder. And I am serous here, how the OP and others can not know either the Church’s position, or the mechanisms of sexuality and ABC? I am not trying to be mean, I honestly have no idea how a Catholic, who goes to mass and practices his/her faith can be misguided on these things? Yet, thread after thread, question after question involves either the idea that a birth control can be ok, in an individual circumstance, or someone claiming they had no idea the Church taught on this subject.:shrug:

I don’t get it.


For a lot of it, I honestly think there’s been a misinformation campaign, when there hasn’t been silence. That’s the only way I can explain it, because I had to find a lot of this out on my own. It doesn’t surprise me a lot of people don’t know. I’ve had people tell me that the pill (contraceptive pill) does not in fact have the potential to be an abortifacient, and they’ll refer to self-proclaimed pro-life doctors who say this.


I was going to say this but you beat me to it. :slight_smile:


That and the Church isn’t necessarily teaching it until well after the worldly influences have set in if at all. Parents can often assume the children know; the children know their parents never said anything.

School systems and social media are prominent forms of education. Schools spent far less time with abstinence education than the myriad of contraceptive devices they have to get through. Some schools are providing contraceptions in the hallways. The television is running with vibrator, IUD, and once-a-month pill option commercials. If the only abstinence education the children are getting prior to age 18 is the 10 minute blip from the health teacher at school, how can they possibly know what the Church teaching is?

We have to also be able to answer the “Why” questions, too; and “because the pope said so” isn’t gonna fly with teenage minds. How many adult Catholics have even read “Humane Vitae” or “Casti Connubii?” Too often we, as parents, are not speaking while the world is.

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