Morning Offering and offering up suffrages


When we pray the Morning Offering in the morning does this cover everything we do throughout the day? I know it says it does, but does this mean that we shouldn’t offer every particular thing up as we’re doing it? I’ve heard that as we carry out our daily work it’s helpful to say short expressions like “All for you Jesus!” to help us remember that our whole lives we offer to God in union with His Son’s Sacrifice. Also, when we are offering up particular things for the intentions of another, all these the which we offer to God give us and others great graces. So my question is. As we undertake new endeavors throughout the day, such as mowing the lawn to doing homework, as we do each thing do we have to conscientiously say “God, I offer this to you for…” or does the Morning Offering cover everything we do throughout the day so that we don’t have to keep repeating ourselves?


Morning offering covers it. God doesn’t make us think of every single possible thing and list it individually. Like if you ever pray for those who are lost to find their way to the church, you don’t have to name every single person who isn’t Catholic!

If you want, you can also say a prayer at the end of the day re-offering everything up. But once you’ve told God that you offer up everything in a day to Him, nothing can change that!

I think saying little prayers during the day is a way to remind US that we’re offering our day for God. :rolleyes: Oh yeah! Maybe I shouldn’t complain so much since I’m suffering for God.



I have to say, your post seems to be asking what we “need” to do rather than what we “should” do, there are differences. If we “need” do say 12 things, we would consider ourselves perfectly complete, justified, sanctified, perfect doing these 12 things. Nothing should be asked more; nothing should be required more. Anything done more would be a waste, simply for appearance sake. You couldn’t be more incorrect in trying to seek the answer to what is the least you can do to “get by”.

This isn’t a ritual in which we seek “covering” for all we do.

You’re making it sound like we’re earing these graces, this is not the way it works.

Yes, each time you talk to God, repeat yourself, don’t try to take the easy way out, God knows what I’m thinking, why do I need to tell Him?


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