Morning Prayer at an Orthodox church

I went to visit an Antiochian Orthodox - Western Rite church in my area this morning, and talked with the priest, Fr. Theodore, for a good 20 minutes. Long story short, he invited me to pray the Morning Prayer with him. I turned him down.

As a Catholic in communion with the Holy See, should I have? I definitely would go to Mass at my local Catholic Church, no contest there. But is there anything wrong with a Catholic attending Orthodox Matins?

There is nothing wrong with attending Matins or Vespers at an Orthodox Church.

Unless there was a time conflict, there is no impediment to attending an Orthodox matins or vespers. If it is Matins (Orthros) and fully served, it can be well over 90 minutes.

The regular morning prayers is actually short and simple. There is nothing that contradicts Catholic teaching and as such would not be scandalous to attend or join in.

What a wonderful opportunity to “continue the conversation”!

Definitely go back and do it! And also find out if there is a evening/vespers prayer.

I try and synchronize my home prayer life with the public Liturgy.

I’ll take up his invitation to pray with him.
(Psalter,Vespers,Mid-week services, etc)

Actually if you will reread the original post you will see that this was a Western Rite Orthodox Church, so the Morning Prayer will not be the same as Matins (Orthos) of the Orthodox, it will be closer to the Morning Prayer in the Western Church so I most likely will take between 15 and 30 (at the most) minutes.

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