Morning Prayers said by ICRSS Priests?

I wanted to know - what prayers do ICRSS Priests have to say every morning? I’m not talking about Mass, or anything like that, but those that they have to do no matter what. You know like even if they were moving, or they had the day off (do priests get a day of? :confused:).


In the Seminary they have Lauds at 6:30am. It will be the same for Priests, as once they reach the sub-diaconate, they are required to say the Breviary every day.

What if they had to travel? Could they say the Breviary later on in the day?


Not sure about the rules in situations like that really.

No, if through circumstances beyond their control they cannot pray Lauds in the morning they don’t have to pray it at all. This goes for any priest in the Latin Rite, Tridentine or NO.

They can of course, if they have the opportunity, pray it at a different time of the day or they can foregoing praying it altogether.

In any case, the Liturgy of the Hours, more than an obligation is a privilege. Same with Mass. Since they look at this prayer as more than an obligation but rather as a source of joy and devotion, the sorrow they feel for NOT being able to pray it is enough prayer.

Hope that helps.


Liturgical prayer does not lose its efficacy, or status as liturgical prayer, even if it cannot (highly regrettably) be prayed at the proper hour.

A priest of an intitute bound to the rubrics of 1962 would indeed be required to say the entire breviary within 24 hours, with every effort to say the Hours as close as possible to the correct times.

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