Morning Scripture


My wife and I only have time to work out if we get up at 4:30 am and get in a quick 45 min. workout… We have been wanting to also start reading the bible together and having morning prayer. So I thought that we could use our first 15 minutes of “wake up” time while waiting on the coffee to brew by reading a bible passage and saying our morning prayers. Any suggestions about a schedule of where to start reading? I guess I would prefere a Marriage oriented / better living reading plan. I’d rather not just start at page one… Thanks!


I don’t have anything specific but I want to commend and encourage you…My beloved is up and out early so we have our devotion time in the evening…We use a devotional that has scripture a story…We then take time if needed to discuss questions, how the day went and any problems…We end praying together…This helps keep our hearts clean of and thoughts, attitudes or irritations…It just leaves us with peace between us and the Lord… I sure you could find a devotional focuses on marriage/relationships…The two become one, the devil hates this and will do his best to bring wedges in…The closer the husband,wife and Christ are like a three cord rope the harder it is to unravel this…The devil is working overtime to reek havoc among the saint as he know his time is short…Finances and the economy vcan put a horrendous strain on marriages that aren’t strong between each other and the Lord…May the Lord bless your endeavor and guide you to the needed resources…


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