Morphing metal shapes future of soft robotics


One T-1000 please. I’ll program it.



Nice. The 140F melting point is a bit low, but overall, nice.

When you get tired of it, send it over here.



I remember hearing about new metal back in the 90s, that if it was all bent up and out of shape, throwing a bucket of cold water on it would make it revert back to its former shape (straighten out), but we never saw it come to products like they said it would.

My guess is, if this came out, no one would need the auto body industry anymore, so once again, progress being held back for the sake of greed, keeping industries around longer than they should be.

I find it funny, everyone wants the newest and greatest things but if its TOO good…they never let the public have it…what a waste, totally wrong imo.


That’s what amalgams are for. No problemo


Shape memory alloys go back quite a few years. I recall a NASA proposal to build a satellite where its outer “limbs” could be folded down and then return to their fully open positions shortly after being ejected into space from a capsule. Not sure if anything came of this.



Never heard of such a system being deployed in space and I am somewhat of a space ‘fanatic.’

My wild guess is that the system was finally considered too unpredictable for the space environment, whereas spring-loaded, hinged ‘limbs’ for space craft were a proven technology.



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