Morrowind Vs. Oblivion

So, first of all I hope there is someone on this forum besides me who likes the Elder Scrolls games. Second, which one is the best, Morrowind or Oblivion? :slight_smile: Of course, if you want to you can also argue for Arena or Daggerfall but most people has not played any of those 2 (me included). You can also talk about Skyrim which soon will be out, sadly though I don’t think I can have it on my computer :frowning: or something else related to TES, even if it has nothing to do with the title of the thread, but I don’t regard it as too off-topic as long as it is TES related. :slight_smile:

Now I suppose that I have to give my own opinion about the subject, I like both Morrowind and Oblivion but for me Morrowind is the winner. Yes, sure, the graphics and the fighting-system and a couple of things is much better in Oblivion (not fast-travel though, even if its nice to have it sometimes) but Morrowind is much more interesting and I think it got more fun details and who can not love the ‘‘Ordinators’’? ‘‘We’re watching you scum’’ :smiley:

If you have ps3 or 360 you can get Skyrim on console as well (though pc definitely takes the cake since Bethesda already said it’s gonna be open to modding for the modding community). I for one can not wait! And I’ve not played arena or dagerrfall either, it started with Oblivion for me than went back to Morrowind GOTY Having played Oblivion first its hard to go back and choose Morrowind over it in terms of favorite but Oblivion felt more limited in the area of spell creation though obviously both games were large and (at their respective times) good graphics. I just got done playing Witcher 1 and 2 in anticipation of Skyrim. I was hoping I’d stretch it out til the 11th when I can download Skyrim via steam but sadly I had more free time on my hands than I predicted and am done already u_u Oh well, what’s another couple weeks lol

Ultimately I’d side with Oblivion of the two, mainly since it was where I first experienced the Elder Scrolls.

Skyrim is the best! :smiley:

The first game I played in the series was Morrowind, and I think Morrowind is better in terms of all the stuff you can do, but the combat was horrible and choppy. I think Oblivion had the opposite problem: combat was improved, less stuff to do.

Skyrim looks like it has great combat and tons of stuff to do, but I won’t know for sure until I play it. I can’t wait fourteen days, I just…gah!

Oblivion often gets put down because there’s not as much to do as there is in Morrowind or Daggerfall, but I still remember quests that I did in Oblivion. The Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of the best I’ve ever played (my favourite quest is “Whodunit?”). I think I’m the only person who enjoyed the “Knights of the Nine” expansion. I remember the Daedric Shrine quests in both games, though. I love doing shrine quests.

While I don’t consider it the better game, Morrowind is my favourite, as it was my first entry into the TES series. On a technical level, Oblivion is the far superior to Morrowind - bigger world with open forests and grasslands as compared to a desolate ash wasteland and swamp, inclusion of horses, better constructed quests, better combat, etc. In terms of narrative though, I consider Morrowind to have had a more engaging storyline where you felt more like a hero and Dagoth Ur was also a classic villain. Having said that, perhaps it is much fairer to say that neither is the better game, but both offer different experiences in the world of TES.

This was approximately 6 months ago, but did anybody grab the Morrowind 2011 graphical overhaul MOD? They took it down for a while, but I think it’s been recently put back up.

I’ve played and loved them all! TOTALLY hyped for Skyrim, and will probably show up at my local EB at midnight to get my copy on the 11-11-11. :smiley:

My favorite to date is\was Oblivion. I just loved the game, the story, environments etc. I do admit though, Daggerfall holds a special place in my heart; even with all it’s bugs, issues, and other nuances.

I love Oblivion. It’s my all time favorite game. It’s the only elder scroll game I’ve played though.
I have it for the PS3, but really want to try the pc version sometime because of the add ons. Ps3 only has two add ons, Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. I really enjoyed Knights of the Nine, but I like Shivering Isles better. It’s such a huge add on!

Actually, Morrowind is bigger than Oblivion, or if it was the same size? Don’t remember exactly. But then they perhaps didin’t count the planes of Oblivion, the Shivering Isles etc. But I think Vvardenfell is bigger than Cyrodil atleast :smiley: And I happen to like the ‘‘Vvardenfellian’’ (?) swamps! But we all like some stuff more than some other stuff which might be the stuff someone else likes better so… I forgive you :wink: But both games are great and there is good and bad ‘‘stuff’’ in both of them. Morrowind was my first game in the series too by the way.

My only complaint about Oblivion is the bugs, but then again I have the game of the year edition which is famour for the bugs. Everytime I get turned into a vampire I have to go way back in my save history to before I was a vampire. The game won’t allow me to complete the vampire cure quest. I’ve heard that there is a wayto get around it by using a standard edition of the game.

I think its similar to the big debate between final fantasy vii/viii VII was big for maaaany many people and there are those that argue it being the best in the series. I’ve played it and absolutely love it and you can’t go wrong with the materia system, wonderful concept. But at the same time, my first real adventure in final fantasy was in VIII so rinoa will always have a special place in my heart lol

I played Morrowind through several times, but I got bored with Oblivion and didn’t complete the game. :frowning:

I found it sad because I was very excited in advance of the release of Oblivion. I bought a new computer and spent hours and hours in the TES forums. But after its release I found the game more interesting to talk about than to play.

I didn’t bother with the expansions and had honestly forgotten about the TES world. I am not sure how I feel about the impending release of Skyrim.

If you’re on PC, you can use console to basically command the game to un-vampirize you.

Anyways, I like Morrowind 10x better than Oblivion, which, in my opinion, was a bit like the movie Avatar: pretty, but a bunch of meaningless fluff as far as content.

[quote=Dale_M]I played Morrowind through several times, but I got bored with Oblivion and didn’t complete the game.

I found it sad because I was very excited in advance of the release of Oblivion. I bought a new computer and spent hours and hours in the TES forums. But after its release I found the game more interesting to talk about than to play.

I didn’t bother with the expansions and had honestly forgotten about the TES world. I am not sure how I feel about the impending release of Skyrim.

There was one thing that Oblivion had over Morrowind…in spades.


Oblivion had a better expansion pack with The Shivering Isles though. It’s a shame you didn’t continue on to experience it.

I think the fast travel is what really annoyed me. It really ruined the immersion experience. Morrowind had it balanced correctly with the stilt-striders if you wanted to get somewhere quickly, otherwise you’d have to leg it. I hate fast travel.

I vote Daggerfall for the huge ammount of ambition involved in that project, although the game stopping bugs are a matter of legend.


Also, the cliff racers are said to have driven the DRAGONS out of Morrowind! Seriously, how annoying do you have to be to force a dragon to relocate?

I have the ps3 version:/

Daggerfall was incredible for its time, and it was my first TES game. It’s hard now, perhaps, to appreciate what a watershed Daggerfall was when it came out. Daggerfall was notoriously buggy and had thousands of cut-out people, but the ambition of that game redefined what a CRPG could be.

That said, Morrowind is the most solid game of the series, IMO. The depth of the story and the game they created is unparalleled. It’s the first (and one of the only) games I’ve played that actually got me caring about the culture and religion of its fictional setting. To this day I’m torn on the morality of the Tribunal.

Oblivion was mechanically better, but something was lacking. I just didn’t care about Cyrodil the way I cared about Vvardenfell. Even though the “danger” in Oblivion was greater, it somehow didn’t feel as compelling as the regional troubles of Morrowind. I never felt attached to any factions in Oblivion the way I did to my Great House (all three of them) in Morrowind (though the Dark Brotherhood was an entertaining plot-line, somehow the Morag Tong in Morrowind felt more compelling to me). Shivering Isles is the one aspect of Oblivion that reaches the heights of Morrowind on this score, for me.

Here’s hoping Skyrim is more Morrowind story and Oblivion mechanics!

Peace and God bless!

Oh man, does that bring back memories.

I used to play without the game music on, so I had no warning of an impending attack until the screen exploded in red. I always jumped in a mild panic when that happened, only to be annoyed that it was merely a cliff racer

I must admit, though, that I did enjoy the one cliff racer to be foound on Solstheim in the Bloodmoon expansion. :wink:

Okay, thanks, I will look into it if the price is right.

The Boots of Blinding Speed helped for those long overland trips. And you could outrun the cliff racers, which was fun in itself!

I thought the Dark Brotherhood quest in Oblivion was one of the best side-quests you could do in the TES series. However, the lack of noble houses that you could join and build up an estate around was sorely missed in Oblivion. The Great Houses was one of the pleasantly surprising quests I found during my original playthrough.

The more I think about it though, fast-travel was a major design mistake in Oblivion. I’m hoping the gameplay of Skyrim hasn’t been watered down to compensate for today’s ‘casual’ gamer.

I suspect that Bethesda’s accommodation of casual gamers has brought it a bigger market, allowing for more resources to be put into developing new games. As long as options are available which allow us to select between a fast style of play versus an immersive style of play, I don’t see a problem. If you don’t like fast travel (and I do not) simply don’t use it. :shrug:

If fast travel allows casual gamers to stay engaged, and thus increase sales of the game, then I think including that option is a good thing.

There is going to be fast travel in the game. There’s also a handy little spell (Clairvoyance) that points the way to your next quest objective. It sounds like a great idea to me because I’m always wandering around in dungeons wondering “If I go this way, will I miss out on the treasure down here?” so having a spell like that at my disposal will be helpful for all those pesky intersections!

I personally plan on buying a horse and riding around the countryside, but sometimes I just want to complete a quest without having to trek through wilderness populated by bears and spiders the size of small cars AGAIN!

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