Mortal or venial sin? fraternal correction

No no that is not what I asked at all in my original post… . I only asked for information about what St Thomas meant, so that I can think about that more and pray and examine my conscience. Because I wanted to use what he wrote but I don’t understand it.

Specifically I’m referring to this part: There’s a part where he describes when it’s a mortal vs when it’s a venial sin. That’s the part I dont’ understand. My intention for making this thread was to ask about his teaching on the matter.

OK. I’ll play, I don’t like to tell others what is or is not “mortal or venial” But you could possibly have grave matter here, you could not. :shrug: Best your own conscience comes to the conclusion. Or you could wait until you have a chance to talk to your spiritual director. But an examination of conscience is not a good tool if it amounts to a consensus of strangers on the internet…:shrug:

I agree… yet that is not what I was getting at :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, but it appears to me that St. Thomas is addressing those in religious orders, not those of us in the world.

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