Mortal or Venial Sin?

Is it a mortal or venial sin to watch a movie that contains what I would call soft porn?

Mortal sin requires:

  1. gravity of matter
  2. knowledge of the sin
  3. willingness

Watching a movie with soft porn is, I would have to say, grave. Being aware of the gravity of the sin and willingly watching it would be a recipe for mortal sin. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to distinguish when we are in mortal sin or not. Should such an event occur, I would repent of the sin, confess it, and then do it no more.

Thank you for answering. My gut is telling me it’s a sin that needs to be confessed soon.

If it leads to arousal then it’s grave matter . If you already watched it and you didn’t have one of the three conditions then it isn’t a mortal sin.

These things are difficult to combat, especially at the start. If this is something that’s happened to you, don’t be discouraged. God doesn’t want you to become discouraged-- only your enemy wants that. We confess our sins, do penance, and amend our lives! Thank God for His forgiveness.

The more we pray and study, the better we come to understand the ugliness of sin and what it means to love God. Just keep going… pray and study! :slight_smile:

I never understand why they differentiate and call it either “soft” or “hard.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s all the same thing. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

You should bring it up in confession as soon as possible and have a nice chat with the priest. In the future, avoid this kind of movie (even walk out if you have to), it only leads to trouble and a lifetime of misery for yourself and destruction of any intimacy with a future spouse.

:ehh: We saw at least one movie with a sex scene in my Catholic high school. Perhaps what you’re meaning is even more graphic than this. I’ve never in the past worried about having seen sex scenes or even a little nudity in movies but now that I’m becoming more devout I’m not really sure. I neither watch many of those sorts of movies nor much TV anymore.

If think if we happen to watch a movie that contains nudity and we didn’t know before hand it’s nothing to worry about. If we watch the movie just to see such scenes then it’s another story.

Its not clear to me if you are asking about a movie you know from the outset that it is a pornographic movie (soft or hard makes no difference) or if you are simply asking about movies which have occasional sex scenes.

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