Mortal or Venial Sin?

Hi everyone,

I just popped on here to ask a question on hate/anger. I wanted to know when it would be considered a mortal sin and when it’s considered venial. So here’s my situation, I was playing a video game and I was mad at someone because they were doing better than me, so I tried to get even with them by specifically targeting only them. I’m pretty sure this is only venial but I would like some clarification since mass is tomorrow and I went to confession earlier today so I would really like to receive communion. Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s only a game. Heck if everyone playing a game targeted someone doing better that them and it would be a mortal sin, Hell would be full of golfers, football players, hockey and basketball players, soccer players, and a lot of people with a ping pong paddle in their hand.:):rolleyes:


Lol Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, it is only a venial sin. Although I wonder if you went to confession;
why didn’t you just confess it?

Speak to your Priest. We can’t know the variables involved. Did this hurt someone. ?

Its the results of the anger ’ its bad fruits’ and what it gives birth too, that classify the substance of a sin.

You mean its not? :slight_smile:

Well, as bad as the Falcons and Capitals gassed it in the big game, it could be filling up, at least as far as the fans in Atlanta and Washington,D.C. might be concerned;):wink:

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