Mortal or Venial?

Can anyone help me out with a sin question?

I was watching a non-pornographic movie, which I had seen before. In it was a scene that had 4-5 shots of brief nudity and I remembered that it had such a scene. After the first shot of nudity, I rewound it to see the shot again. I did so out of curiosity as to how much was shown, instead of an intent to arouse. After seeing the entire scene I realized I should have just fast-forwarded through it. Believing I committed a venial sin, I have partaken in the Holy Eucharist. Since then I have been second-guessing myself.

Have I committed a mortal sin by viewing what is considered pornography (therefore committing mortal sin by also going to communion), or venial sin by viewing an image that is immodest?

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There wasn’t full knowledge when you committed it. Not a mortal sin. Though, I’d hit up Confession if I were you.


Doesn’t sound mortal to me. Since it is bugging you, you should spend a few moments to figure out what you are going to do about any old movies you have sitting around with scenes like that in them.

Before you watched the movie did you say to yourself, well, this has that nudity scene in it and it would be a really bad idea to watch that scene, but oh well, who cares, I’m going to watch it anyway? This line of thought would be a problem, if it happened.

BTW, since you believed yourself to be in a state of grace (only venial sins) when you received the Eucharist, you were not wrong to go up and receive.

You committed a sin on impurity which are very offensive to our Lord (see the Diary of Saint Sister Mary Faustina Kowalska) and according to Our Lady of Fatima, more souls end up in hell due to sins of impurity than for any other offense.

Whether your actions were venial or mortal, they should still be confessed just to be on the “safe side”.

Thanks guys. I definitely planned on going to confession. I was just needing to sort out what really occurred.

I guess there is a fine line between making sure you do what is right and scrupulosity.

Hans A.

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