Mortal sin and confession?


Hi everyone. Years ago, I committed a sin that I didn’t realize was a big deal at the time but now looking back I know it is. I confessed it in confession about 6 months ago. At the time of confession, I wasn’t sure whether the sin was mortal or venial. Now, I THINK it’s mortal. I know I was still absolved because I confessed it with full contrition, but now I am wondering do I have to confess it again?


In order to commit a mortal sin (be guilty of) - one needs at the time of committing it not only grave matter but full knowledge and deliberate consent.

If the needed knowledge or deliberate consent is lacking --if there is sin it is venial.

Ones confessor can guide one.

(Of course though I should note with various things one need not know the “term” mortal sin of course --for example one need not call know murder is called a “mortal sin” in order to commit a mortal sin)


If you confessed it, it is forgiven. There is no need to tell your confessor your opinion of whether a sin is venial or mortal.


If you confessed it, you’re good.


Feel free to mention your contrition about this sin at your next confession even if you’ve already confessed it.


Without exception, all human beings are fallable and are prone to kidding themselves either positavely or negatively. Thus, when faced with a moral dilema, discuss it in the Confessional. In short: “When in doubt, Confess”.


You answered your own question. You don’t have to differentiate for the priest between mortal and venial. We are only required to confess mortal sins, but it is EXCELLENT for us to confess both types.

And you don’t have to worry about which type it is. It was confessed and absolution was given. End of story.


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