Mortal sin and consent

So let’s assume you have some sort of obligation, maybe you have some sort of job or are doing some sort of choose your own adventure type of thing. One of the things that you come across is something arousing to you, but you simply do not mean to do it or simply did not plan to do it. You still do it, but do it in a way that is least arousing to you. Is this still consent for Mortal sin?

Why willingly put yourself into an occasion to sin, knowing full well what you’re getting into, and doing it anyhow?
Your description is very vague, but I’d suggest choosing a different adventure, lest you fall.

*“Do not give the devil an opportunity.”
Eph 4:27

I Agree with Nigel. Set yourself up for success not failure.

Are we talking about masterbation?

Just don’t do it…

Discuss the matter with your confessor - he can assist you and ask you questions etc as to what the matter is and what you mean.

Probably tandem skydiving.

I’d seek another job if it increases the tinder of sin.

I think you need to elaborate more for anyone to give you any insight.

Based on what you said, though, I think no? I mean, we all have to come across things that might arouse us every day. I might see an attractive, scantily clad woman on the subway in the morning. Unless I stay in my apartment with the blinds drawn and my head buried under a pillow, I can’t totally quarantine myself from the world. On the other hand, if you’re coming into contact with things that cause you to sin or give rise to scandal (like, say, you work in a strip club) then yeah, seek another job.

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