Mortal sin and 'touching'

Okay… I’ll begin by saying that I’m quite scrupulous (my spiritual director has identified me as so, but I can’t speak to him face to face at the mo) so please bear that in mind when reading this thread. If people could please tell me whether they consider these things to be sins or not please say

Warning! This thread might be too graphic for some. Warning!

Three potential sins.

  1. I was lying in bed and realised I was handling my privates. I quickly stopped when I realised what I was doing. I then moved my hand ‘down there’ again and re-arranged ‘things’. I really think that even this second time I did it without thinking properly. Would this be a sin
  2. A while ago I was aroused. I realised that I was flexing the muscles in my groin which was causing my member to move. I tried not to do this but I feel that the natural blood flow and my weak will caused it to. Would this be a sin?
  3. My (non Catholic) sister has a weird thing where from her childhood she likes having a finger move on her bare upper back. I started to do this thinking it might be a bit sensual. After a few seconds I stopped despite her protestations.

No, No and No.

Not sins at all, or just not mortal?

My opinion is that it isn’t sinful at all.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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I think problems like this should be discussed with a priest, even if you must wait a few days to see him. I doubt that anonymous strangers on a forum are a good source of advice.

If anything, this would be a near occasion of sin. There was no sin committed as long as you did not purposely attempt to physically please yourself in a sexual way. Lust should also be considered here, but you did say that you weren’t really thinking about it. You’re fine here.

Again, as long as you were not doing this intentionally it’s fine. If you were purposely doing this for sexual pleasure it would be different.

This question is a bit different from the other two, as it concerns somebody else. You suspected she was getting some sort of sensual pleasure out of this, and you stopped when you realized this. If any sin is present, it might be with your sister (I am not saying this was a sin on her part. None of us know what she thinks while this occurs, or what her intentions are. To the best of our knowledge, it’s perfectly innocent).

I understand that you said your spiritual director is unavailable. But it might be best to speak with another trusted priest or religious about this, rather than asking us on a public forum. We’re not exactly trained to do this.

No, and no. The third one is no but is something you want to examine as in the spiritual exercises of Ignatius.

Not to determine sin as much as understanding it and possibly forming some new boundaries. Think of it as proactively updating, understanding, or redefining the "near occasion of sin in this area.

Did you sin? No, but an ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention.

The other day in the apologetics forum, one of the priests said that things that happen in bed when you are only semi-aware are not sins.

Admitting you are scrupulous and your spiritual director also saying that then you should not be talking to us but to your spiritual director. He is the only one to listen to and obey.

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