Mortal sin during Confirmation, late confessed...invalid or no?


When I was confirmed, I am pretty sure I was in a state of mortal sin. Does this make my confirmation invalid? Right now I am not in a state of mortal sin as far as I know, because I have confessed the mortal sin since then. Do I receive the graces now that I am free from the sin or do I not because I was in sin at the time?

Also, was it acceptable that I confessed the mortal sin (as well as all the others) after this, or should I specifically confess to the priest that “I was in mortal sin when I was confirmed”?




That is a question for your pastor.


As to the line, suicide is intentionally killing oneself. So, one has the intention, and the intention is to end one’s own life.

To be guilty of the mortal sin of suicide, one must fulfill the conditions for any mortal sin: serious matter, full knowledge, and full consent. People who are mentally ill, for example, may not be able to form full consent, for example.


Although you may have mitigated culpability due to ignorance, being confirmed in mortal sin is itself gravely sinful objectively speaking, and when committed with full knowledge and consent, mortal sin. It is wise to confess being confirmed in the state of mortal sin. Bring it up with your confessor.

Only two sacraments can be received worthily by a person in mortal sin: Baptism and Reconciliation, which is why they are called sacraments of the dead. The remaining five are sacraments of the living.


Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in a state of mortal sin is a sacrilegious act which constitutes a mortal sin if all other requirements are satisfied. It should be confessed at the earlier opportunity. That is not to say that you were in a state of mortal sin as you yourself confess that you are unsure. But for future reference if you are ever unsure again then do not proceed without first being absolved in the confessional.

That being said being in a state of grace is not necessary for the Sacrament of Confirmation to be valid. You have been confirmed. The only difference is that you would not receive the graces of the Sacrament until you had been restored to a state of grace.

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