Mortal sin? How to confess

Ok, i have been contemplating about the sins I committed when i was a young child. This is embarassing to admit, and although I was a nice and quiet kid, I’m not sure if i was pretending or i was really thinking lustfully or not, but i would take off my shirt and hug my teddy bear (which was a large size) and cuddle with it. it’s really embarassing to admit, but at the time i guess i didn’;t realize what i was doing, but is this a mortal sin? Should i confess this? I never have confessed it bc i never really thought anything of it before. i don’t really struggle with lust as much now, which im proud of , but that is an embarassing situation and if i do confess this , i don’t know how to explain to the priest in order for my sin to be forgiven please help. thanks!

You have nothing to worry about. It sounds like you just did it out of curiousity. If it’s something you did as a little kid and didn’t know any better, you’re fine.

Your actions do not meet the criteria of mortal sin. For sin to be mortal, it must meet the following conditions:
*]You must have full knowledge (doesn’t sound like you did)
*]Be of grave matter (probably wasn’t because of your age)
*]Full consent of the will

You have to know it is wrong and do it anyway. What you describe doesn’t fit the definition. Now, if you want to confess it so you feel better, go nuts. I try to confess everything even if I know it is not mortal in nature just so I can get that peace of mind.

Thank you both, that makes me feel better.I might confess still, but probably not explain it to the priest lol. thanks, God Bless!

I should also like to note that we are supposed to love the life that Christ has given to us, and enjoy it. I went through a period where I obsessed over every sin, and wondered if almost anything was a sin. I found that it kept me further from Him. So when I pray at night first I thank Him for every joy AND sorrow of my life and then I ask forgiveness for my failings and weaknesses. I try to end every prayer on a joyful note. Now I’m in RCIA so I cannot yet do confession, but I will make full use of that sacrament I assure you.

My pastor told me something that heartens me. When you are forgiven a sin, it is done with and gone. If later you were to ask Jesus about that particular sin, He would smile and say “What sin?” Such is the power of the forgiveness of the Lord!

Be glad! Be happy! Be thankful!

There is no way in the world that you were sinning by doing this. At that age, you didn’t even have any form of developed sexual knowledge. These sort of actions are encoded in the brain before we are even born! The vast majority of us have done similar things as children. Your tender conscience and love for God are pleasing to Him. While our actions as mature adults are always of concern, your childhood innocence was never broken rather it is still a thing of beauty in the eyes of the Lord. Don’t even give this worry another minute of your time!

By the way, it is important for parents not to be shocked if they see their child doing stuff like this. The remedy is simply to distract the child with another activity, and as the child mature more can be explained.

God Bless you.

Thank you FiberZilla, that was very comforting. However, I don’t know how old I was…I might of been in middle school I don’t remember, and at that age shouldn’t I knw better?

You are welcome. Middle school children are not only completely clueless regarding sexuality, they are also being besieged with a spike in hormone levels that are many times higher than that in adults. Most children that age are completely incapable of understanding what’s going on with their bodies let alone knowing any better. What’s most important is what you are doing in your life now. You be at complete peace about this sweety.

Aw, thank you so much! God bless you

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