Mortal sin, irritation?

I’m probably over-thinking this but I’m trying to work out my conscience and trust it more. I got irritated at a friend/room mate and I only made them the main course of the meal and made myself the good part - mush rooms and eggs. And when they asked if I was cooking I told them that. I was very upset for a just cause but I do feel bad that I did this. I didn’t scream or yell or get in any argument. This isn’t a mortal sin, is it?

Work with me on this.

What are the three things you need for mortal sin?

What constitutes grave matter?(Hint there’s ten of them.)

Did you know that what you did was serious enough to sever your relationship with God?

Was your choice affected by emotional disturbance, mental illness or external threat?

If you put all these answers together, you get:

Hi Merrick,

I’m not a priest but I wouldn’t think you committed a mortal sin. A mortal sin involves serious matter, and although it’s not right to try to get back at someone, and although you were probably selfish in cooking the good part for yourself, I don’t think the matter was serious enough. Maybe if your roommate was seriously starving and you withheld nourishment from him–or if you would have said something like you wished he’d never been born, or that he’d never get to heaven, etc., those, I think, would be serious matters. But I think in your case it is more a venial case of unkindness. Although I want you to go in peace, remember I’m not a priest, so maybe you could mention it to one of them, too. Have a good night!

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People on this forum cannot decide what is mortal sin for you or not. We can only tell you what the Church teaches about that which can be found in the CCC. If you have doubts or do not trust your own evaluation of conscience please make an appointment with a confessor or spiritual director.

Mortal? I doubt it, but either way, I think this passage tells you what to do:
Matthew 5:23-24
“Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there recall that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there at the altar, go first and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”

Mortal sin needs:

  1. Grave matter-While this probably isn’t grave matter usually, did you honestly believe this was grave matter but did it anyway? That could be itself grave matter.

Note, if you are scrupulous, ask a good confessor about such things…and if you are scrupulous, I would tell you that this isn’t grave matter and be on your way.

  1. Full knowledge at the time the sin was committed-did you honestly say to yourself this is a mortal sin or this is a really bad sin, not simply venial sin?

Or did you act without thinking that you were committing a mortal sin, or without full knowledge? (not mortal sin then)

  1. Full consent of the will- did you DECIDE to sin, with enough freedom that you were making a legitimate choice to sin (mortally)?

Only you (and God) know the answers.

By the way, all three conditions have to exist simultaneously for the sin to be mortal…

Basically, is it serious, did you know it was serious, and did you do it anyway?

(again, if you are scrupulous go to a good Confessor and STRICTLY obey him, unless he tells you to do something obviously bad, like murder somebody)

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