Mortal sin not to fast on feast days and fridays?

Is it a mortal sin not to fast on feast days and Fridays, when we knowingly don’t observe them?

It is never appropriate to fast on a feast day.

The only days of fast required are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

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Right. Also, on fridays during lent we are required to abstain from eating meat. Additionally on normal non-lent Fridays, we are required to abstain from meat OR make some sort of act of penance.

It’s never a mortal sin. Why would God who loves you very much ever think that it is a mortal sin not to fast? He would never leave you because of any small infractions. Look to God as you would to any parent and think if I had a parent and I had forgotten to do something that they would want me too, would they be upset if I didn’t do it? Now since God is your parent and loves you very much it is appropiate to say that this God would never leave you from what you are asking in the same manner as would a parent if these same circumstances were in their shoes. Fasting is a discipline, plain and simple. No one should ever think that God or even a parent would ever believe that not fasting is a very serious sin. It will be good though if we follow this discipline but God loves us too much to think He is offended if we did not follow it. Try to understand that.


But is it a** Mortal sin** if we don’t abstain from meat on those specific days (knowingly of course, and in full consent of body and soul decided not to fast)? That’s my question.

Talk to your pastor. Many bishop’s conferences have declared that it is not binding under pain of sin in their jurisdictions.

And of course you may always substitute another penance or be dispensed if there is a reason for doing so.

Don’t stress out! Here, I found this website that should answer your question. I would explain it on here, but I thought that if you read the actual thing, it would be a lot more helpful:

Hope I could help you out. Much love!

Thank You, it helped a lot!

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You give far little information to determine if this is a mortal sin. See the catechism for what makes any sin mortal , and you will be able to answer your own question .

Peace and all good.

Well, I read that mortal sin constitutes of: 1. full consent of body and soul, 2. knowing at that moment of sin that it is wrong, and 3. grave matter. Now my question is, because let’s say No. 1 and No. 2 of the components are present, but is it 3. grave matter? This is what I mean. Because if it is, the deliberate non-abstinance of meat on those days listed above would be a mortal sin, no? So is it a grave issue?

Oh… Sorry …now I understand…the question of grave matter is not a good question to ask here. This question is best raised to a priest at the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There the priest can tell you whether it was grave, hence a mortal sin. Even if not a mortal sin, it still can be confessed and absolved through the sacrament.


Well thank you anyway :).

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