Mortal sin or just being scrupulous


So today After confession and mass i was talking via text to a friend and i thought i had offended him by disagreeing with him over something minor. I sent like 6 messages just checking and finally he said he was just busy and knowing him I believe that. my question is did i commit a sin by worrying that i upset him. I prayed for God’s will to be done. I was never mad at my friend. Maybe I am just being paranoid.
Thanks for the help
God Bless


If that is a mortal sin then I had better pack it up. :wink: Firstly, Jesus did not agree with everyone and He offended so many that they walked away from Him.(cf. John 6:66) It is natural to be concerned if you may have offended a friend but I would definitely not see that as a sin. If anything that is virtuous since you are not being selfish but thinking about the other as other. So relax and enjoy the unconditional love of God and later you can talk with your friend and make sure that he understands that you did not wish to offend him even if your stance is the truth. Then it would be up to him to either stay or, like with Jesus, walk away. In either case you upheld your integrity and showed your love for your friend. You are doing well my friend and remember that satan would not want anything more than to have you believe that you are in mortal sin all the time. God bless you. :slight_smile:


Yes, you are being scrupulous. There was no sin.


In order to even sin in the first place, you pretty much need to have the intention to sin, especially over something like you are describing.


Of course it is scrupulous but my question is why would you ask strangers online. Does it make a difference what we say about your immortal soul?


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