Mortal sin or not?


Hey Everyone,

Bit of an embarrassing question here,but I’ve searched the forums for an answer but with no luck…

For a long time Ive struggled with the sin of masturbation, going through some good abstinence periods and some bad patches too…
I had been abstinent for a while, but yesterday i found myself tempted by a film i was watching, and while i didnt “do” anything, i still “finished” if you catch my drift.
I know that i shouldnt have let myself be tempted to that point, and i think i knew that that was a possible outcome, but is that a mortal sin as masturbation is?

I hope thats not too confusing!

Please help as i have my head wrecked

Thank you and God bless,



Tomorrow is Saturday -with confessions scheduled all over the place – examine your conscience and go see the Priest. (if there is still doubt -say so of course…but in any case Confession will be good).

(also note for the future that watching unchaste things too are grave matter for mortal sin…as are lustful thoughts and other sins contrary to chastity)

Make an act of contrition out of love of God above all and know that Jesus loves you --he is the Good Shepherd.

He give us true life and takes away our sins.

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